Tribals dare animals and birds mass sacrifice despite HC ban

tribal festival

Sulia, which is known as the biggest tribal festival celebrated by a huge sacrifice of birds and animals in Balangir region, was performed on Tuesday, despite a restriction on the practice.
This feast of the primitive tribal is performed in Khair Gura village under Tusura police station of Balangir district.

The tribal people of Balangir worships their forefather Sulia Budha by sacrificing substantial amounts of birds and animals, which, they think, will fulfill their wishes.


People from all over the western Odisha come together for worship.  the priest of the tribes first do prayers for the Sulia Budha after that start sacrificing animals.

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In 2005 and in 2009, the Odisha High Court had declared a sentence excluding the sacrifice of birds and animals in the name of Sulia after an urge was filed by an organization named  Sulia Sanskar Manch, however, the practice is still in the vogue.

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