Australian Beaches Are Forced To Shut down Due To Jellyfish Attack


Australian Beaches Are Forced To Shut down Due To Jellyfish Attack: The situation got worse when over 13,000 jellyfish bites were reported from Queensland alone last week. Many of the beaches in Australia were closed by authorities to resolve the matter.

It’s An Epidemic

As per the reports, visitors and even locals on Australian beaches jointly shared painful experiences as over 2,500 people were stung by jellyfishes in what authorities are locally calling a ‘jellyfish’ epidemic.

According to the International media, immensely strong winds pushed schools of jellyfish closer to the shore, resulting in a strange and bizarre occurrence. The Australian beaches were forced to be shut down over the weekend to handle the situation.

Last week, over 13000 stings were recorded in Queensland alone. 2500 plus people are presently undergoing treatment, as per rescue organizations.

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Jellyfish Attacks In Australia
Via: India Today

Luckily, most of the stings were caused by so-called bluebottle colonies, which are not dangerous for human beings or fatal to life.

According to the latest news and researches, still, the serious injuries caused by jellyfish are above average levels at these beaches.

Treatment Of A Special Drug For Jellyfishes

On Sunday, approximately 1000 people were stung by these jellyfishes who shifted to land from water and are being treated for anaphylactic (extremely sensitive drug) shock.

Bluebottle stings

About 476 bluebottle stings have been treated on Gold Coast and 461 on the Sunshine Coast so far.

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