Twitter Celebrates Engineers Day Spookily And We Are Confused If Its Compliment Or Comment

Behold ‘The Day’ (we didn’t even know existed) is here and we are kind of, excited? I mean the whole year engineers are trolled for well, being engineers but today everybody kind of gets the ‘right’ to especially mock the engineering fraternity!

#EngineersDay is trending on Twitter and we are not sure if people are celebrating engineers or ….

Here, have a look:

We have a proposition, Engineers Day name should be changed to Engineers Trolling Day. But wait, we don’t need a day for that!
Anyway, go ahead people, mock us via the tech designed by US, we don’t mind!
After all,

“Humara Toh Dil Hi Kuch Aisa Hai”

Happy Engineers Day!

Pragati Pal
I am an Engineer by degree and a creative content writer by profession. I am an avid reader and Sarcasm is my forte.

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