Today Is World Ozone Day: 3 Ways By Which We Can Preserve The Earth

Today, 16 September 2019 we are celebrating 32 years of the World Ozone Day. As we all know that the ozone layer is the blanket that shields the Earth from the harmful effects of UV rays. Knowing the importance of this layer, 32 years ago 197 countries signed a treaty. The people decided to phase out the products that affect the ozone layer.

The date was commemorated by the Montreal Protocol on things that deplete the Ozone Layer. It was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1994.

The size of the ‘Ozone Hole’ has been reduced significantly since the 1900s. Therefore the theme for this year’s celebration of World Ozone Day is ’32 Years And Healing’.

Ozone Layer Protection
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Function Of Ozone Layer

Ozone Layer
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The Ozone layer acts as a shield and protects us from the harmful UV rays that come from the sun. These UV rays can cause various skin diseases and some serious diseases including cancer.

Here are some ways by which we can help save the depletion of the ozone layer.

1. Use Public Transport:

Public transport
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Using public transport is an economical and environmentally friendly option. Limited use of fuel will thus result in the reduction of pollution saving the environment.

2. Choosing Eco- Friendly Products:

Eco friendly bags

Eco-friendly products will help in producing less amount of waste. Using plastics and polythene can be extremely harmful as they are non- biodegradable things. Always use cloth bags, jute bags or paper bags to carry things.

3. 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

3 R's

The 3 R’s will contribute a lot in changing the environment. Firstly we can reduce the unnecessary usage of harmful products, using again ana again creating less waste and recycling the used products.

You can also do your bit by using appliances that do not emit CFC’s (Chloro Floro Carbon) that can also harm the environment to a great extent.

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By using these short steps you can make a change in the environment and help in saving everybody from the harmful effects of the UV rays. So let’s promise to continue making the positive changes and celebrate the environment we are gifted with.



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