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Sharing Work Space With Your Love? Here Is How To Deal This New Challenge

Living with your significant other at first seems dream come true but it has its own challenges. Right from dividing the chores, adjusting with their annoying habits, and finding alone time is difficult. And managing the coworking space is a new challenge for those who are forced to work right next to their partner.

The work stress and pressure of meeting deadlines can steal all your quality time and peace. Therefore, it is very important to deal with this social distancing relationship challenge. Here are a few ways to make coworking space with your partner manageable.

Tips To Manage Working Space With Your Partner

Start With Positive Thoughts

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Before the lockdown, responsibilities were shared between the two. Right from the morning coffee to making dinner, everything was fixed. But now, everything is up and down because you and your partner have to work from home.

This change in routine can cause panic and stress. As a result, you might get annoyed with their behavior for not helping you with the chores. It may continue for days causing trouble for your relationship.

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Instead, start your day with positivity and think of your partner as your teammate. You two have to do your best in helping each other and appreciates the efforts as well.


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It is important to reschedule everything to manage the coworking space with your partner. Also, avoid personal conversations during working hours. Keep a line between personal and professional time even if you are at home. If you mix these two then it will add stress to your life besides work stress.

So, avoid any kind of personal conversation. Also, tell your partner about the conference calls and meetings scheduled for a day. It will ensure no interruptions at that time. In short, you have to set boundaries to manage the coworking space with your partner.

Take Alone Time

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Living with your partner does not mean that you should ignore yourself. After all, you need some alone time as well. Take out some time after working hours and spend it on things you love.

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Do any activity that helps you deal with stress. You can read a book, or walk or enjoy watching shows alone. This alone time will help you recover with the stress of coworking space.

Take A Break

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No matter how long you have been in a relationship, you might feel irritated from them at some point in time. And co-work space in the lockdown will exaggerate this irritation making things worse. Therefore, you need to take a break.

Besides your partner, there are many more important people in your life like friends and family. You can talk to them and recharge yourself. Talking to somebody other than the person you love sometimes feels better.

Don’t Avoid Romance


As time passes, the spark within you starts declining. Moreover, stress steals all the spark and romance from your love life. Don’t let the pressure you get from sharing co-working space, hamper your love life.

Keep the romance alive by doing small gestures of love. Take a few minutes for your partner and shower some extra love on them.

So, try these few tips to manage the coworking space with your partner without affecting your personal life.

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