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Science Says, Bottle-fed infants more likely to be left-handed

Infants who are breastfed are more prone to be right-handed whereas bottle feeding is related to left-handedness.

These are the conclusions of a University of Washington study, which crops up in the journal Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Cognition, and Brain.

Via: Raising Children Network

The following result was found in about 60,000 mother-infant pairs and accounted for identified risk factors for handedness.

The conclusions give further vision into the development of compound brain functions which basically determine which side of the batter box the child likely will choose.

“We think breastfeeding optimises the process the brain undergoes when solidifying handedness,” said Philippe Hujoel, the study’s author. “That’s important because it provides an independent line of evidence that breastfeeding may need to last six to nine months,” she added.

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The study does not signify, however, that breastfeeding moves to right-handedness, Hujoel said.
Handedness, whether it is right- or left-handed, is set soon in fetal life and is at least partly determined by genetics.

The analysis does shed light on when the part of the brain that manages handedness localizes to one side of the brain, an altering known as brain lateralization. Conceivably, the research shows, breastfeeding optimizes this lateralization towards belonging to right- or left-handed.

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