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Onam Special Desserts To Satiate Your Longing For Sweet

The lovely harvest festival of Kerala, Onam, is just around the corner, and the people are completely involved in the mesmerizing celebrations of this festival. Dancing to traditional songs, preparing Pookalam (Floral Carpet), wearing new clothes, and showing gratitude with loved ones is What Onam is all about.

But eating Sadya (Traditional South Indian Food) in the banana leaf is the main tradition of this festival. People from Kerala love to eat Sadhya. And after the delicious traditional food, Kyu na Kuch meetha ho jae!

So, we bring to you 5 Onam special desserts:

Palada Pradhaman:

Via: Palada Pradhaman

When it comes to the most delicious desserts of Kerala, Palada Pradhaman first hits into the mind. It is known as the king of Payasams and is a must on festivals. The amazing popup of milk, rice, and sugar make this dessert delightful.

Semiya Payasam:

Via: awesomecuisine.com

You can’t say no to delicious Semiyan Payasam. It is a sweet dish which is must on all festivals, and so you can’t ignore this one on the beautiful harvest festival, Onam. The combination of Vermicelli, milk, and sugar sounds really tasty.

Pazham Pori:

Via: cookpad.com

You go to Kerala, and what you find everywhere is Pazham Pori. It is a banana fritter, which is the most loveable sweet of every Malayalee. This snack is truly delicious and should surely bea added to the list of Onam sweet dishes.


Via: vaya.in

The pretty floral cookies called Achappam is another mouthwatering dessert. Unlike other desserts, Achappam has light sweetness but is super delicious. Its crackling and crisp sound makes it more lovable.


Via: youtube.com

Kozhukatta is a pretty sweet dumpling that is filled with tasty jaggery and coconut. It’s similar to Modak and is a perfect dessert for Onam.

Without these delicious desserts, Onam is incomplete, and so you should make them for this beautiful harvest festival. We eat sweets at every happy occasion and Onam is also a celebration of joy and happiness, so desserts on Onam is a must.

Happy Onam!

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