Researchers Say That This Is The New COVID-19 Symptom. Find Out!

The coronavirus is expected to have come from the bats and got into humans. The transmission has changed its nature several times. Earlier it was believed that animals are absolutely safe from the spread of this virus but few cases reported where animals have been found coronavirus positive.

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Then the asymptomatic patients were reported who had no symptoms but carried the infection. In a new update, dermatologists from the US have reported a new symptom of COVID-19. This news symptom was observed in kids in which their toes looked different.

Doctors termed this symptom as COVID toes. It looked similar to a pernio or frostbite. Young adults and kids got these symptoms and people living in polar and cold regions observed this discolouration.

In Italy where the concentration of COVID patients was very high in those regions these symptoms prevailed. In Italy, many kids did not show any COVID symptoms but had ‘COVID toes’.

The real challenge in fighting with this virus is to identify people who do not show any symptoms. Therefore the symptoms like loss of smell or taste or even having a pink eye are considered the atypical symptoms of COVID -19. The typical symptoms still remain dry cough, tiredness, difficulty in breathing.

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To fight with the virus that is changing its nature so fast and infecting many people social distancing and awareness is the only key. The imposed lockdown is keeping us away from people but currently, the safety of lives is important.

Stay Home! Stay Safe!


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