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National Parks In India On High Alert After A Tiger From Bronx Zoo Tests COVID-19 Positive

The world is struck by a Novel Coronavirus and the cases of infection are increasing very rapidly. Animals were exempted from the spread of this virus but look the cases are now being worst. A piece of news came where a tiger from Bronx Zoo in the US tested positive for COVID-19. A Malayan tiger named ‘Nadia’ got the virus from an asymptomatic zookeeper.

After the news was reported, soon all the National parks and zoo around the globe were put on high alert proving the transmission can happen from human to animals and vice versa.

The wildlife authorities that includes Union Environment Ministry, Union Environment Ministry and Central Zoo Authority have informed the national parks, tiger reserves, the zoo’s to keep watch on wild animals and making them aware of the threat due to COVID-19.

Anup Nayak, NCTA member secretary and additional director said:

“This is a precaution we are taking. We have not seen such cases among wild animals so far, but we need to be alert and prepared,”

CZA’s advisory said:

Mammals like carnivores, especially cats, ferret and primates are to be carefully monitored and fortnightly samples of suspect cases to be sent to designated animal health institutes to initiate COVID-19 testing while following all bio-containment and safety measures required to handle this high-risk pathogen as per national and ICMR guidelines,”

More screening of animals will be required to see how many animals are infected:

“Many coronaviruses found in animals can also cause respiratory disorders. So far, there is only anecdotal evidence of human-to-animal transmission, and no evidence of pet-to-human transmission. To fully establish this link, we need to screen more animals and conduct controlled experiments,”

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