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Most Appetizing Dishes You Must Try In Paris

Paris has a very rich culture that displays amazing art forms. It is also a hub to explore the most amazing dishes that include an exotic taste of French cuisine.

We have loved the crepes, perfectly melted chocolates and the taste of fresh cheese from the Italian Cuisine. It does not matter which cuisine you eat in your daily life, you must have loved French cuisine.

Food also defines a lot about the culture of any place. It has a flavour of it the history and tradition.

If you are visiting Paris then go on a food tour and try these lip-smacking dishes around.

1. Have A Chocolate Patisserie For Breakfast

Chocolate patisserie
Via: The imaginary Yum

French culture includes a lot of bakery items in their cuisine. You can include the soft and crispy patisserie which are filled with melting chocolates inside. The salty and sweet taste together is absolutely mind-blowing and will fill your mouth with amazement.

2.  Steak And Fries  

Steak and Fries
Via: Eater Atlanta

It is actually a shocking fact to know that french fries are actually French. The crispy and long potatoes friend with minimal spice is an eternal blend of taste. You can have it as a breakfast and a brunch. You will easily find Steak and Frites around the streets of France and eat them how much you want.

3. Delicious Macarons

Via: Hallmark Channel

Macarons are another delicacy which you will find on the French land. They are yummiest cookies that are gluten-free. They are made from the almond flour and are filled with sugar. It is a heavenly delicious dish for a sweet tooth. They are available in all the flavours in Paris.

Where: You can find them in a very famous shop Pierre Herme and Ladurée.

4. Crepes The Best Street Food

Via: Pamplemousse

Crepes are an amazing light snack which kids and adults both love. The soft and thin crepes are flavourful and easy to find in Paris. You can dip it in Nutella or even combine it with banana. The flavour of crepes is amazing and mouth-watering.

5. Fresh Bread From Boulnagriee

Via: Artisan Boulangerie

France is known for its fresh and delicious bakery dishes. Bread is one of the most common breakfast that many people across the world prefer to eat. The freshly baked bread in the oven is a staple and most preferred breakfast in Paris.

6. Baba Au Rhum

baba au rhum
Via: Mont Petit Four

This is a rum-soaked pastry that is a savoury dessert in Paris. You can find it in Stohrer in Paris which is one of the oldest shops. Paris people live to eat dessert ad their love for bakery eatables is incomparable. If you love pastry which is not so sweet, then do try Baba Au Rhum.

7. Eclairs

Via: Meilleur Du Chef

One more appetizing dessert from the French land is this mouth-watering pastry called Eclairs. The savoury-sweet dish has a bread layered with rich chocolate on the top. The combination of bread with sweet chocolate is what makes your heart and soul happy.

8. French Cheese

French Cheese
Via: Bon Fromage

If you are a cheesemonger then French cheese is a must-try for you. The authentic cheesy flavour of France will make you leaving crave for more. There is a variety of cheese and it is just so heavenly to choose from those varieties of cheese.

You must be craving for some of these dishes.  So don’t wait and plan a food trip soon to Paris. Paris is more than just cultural and scenic beauty.

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