BJP Leader Accused China-Pakistan Of Releasing Poisonous Gases In India To cause Air Pollution And We’re Wondering Could He Be Any More Dippy?

So it is proved that the year 2019 was a competition between Indian Politicians for ‘Who Could Say/Do More Ridiculous Stuff’
Although we couldn’t decide the winner yet because every day the competition is gaining new summits, and so the wits of politicians (or lack thereof!)

Anyway, without further ado, we present you the fresh performance, which has left us even more dumbstruck than Newton after watching Salman khan’s movies! *Sorry Bhai*

BJP leader from UP, Vineet Agarwal Sharda believes that Pakistan and China are responsible for the growing pollution-level in Delhi/NCR. How, you ask? Well, he claims that they are releasing poisonous gases in India for the same!

Vineet Agarwal Sharda

Let’s take a moment to mourn the Discretion in the country, which died a painful death this year!

According to reports from India Today, he had said:

“Ye jo zehreeli hawa aa rahi hai, zehreeli gas aayi hai ho sakta hai kisi bagal ke mulk ne chhodi ho jo humse ghabraya hua hai (There is a possibility that this poisonous gas could have been released by any neighbouring country which is afraid of us.) I feel that Pakistan or China are afraid of us.”

He went on puking stupidity further by saying:

“Whenever Pakistan fought a war with India, it was defeated. Since Narendra Modi and Amit Shah came, Pakistan has become frustrated.”

I would give you a moment to recover from this utter absurdity!
*Even I need some too*

But wait, if you think about it, what Sharda has done totally coincides with human nature.
From ancient times humans are following the ‘convention’ of blaming others for their own mistakes!

Just that most humans tend to use logic while doing that, Sharda didn’t.
Don’t worry, he’ll learn eventually!

Pragati Pal
I am an Engineer by degree and a creative content writer by profession. I am an avid reader and Sarcasm is my forte.

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