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Forgot Gifts? Try These 7 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas That Get Ready In Minutes Without A Penny

” Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle On The Way….” Merry Christmas everyone! Hope this Christmas brings new energy, prosperity, and good health to you. It is the day for Christmas carols, cakes, wine, and gifts…lots and lots of gifts in fact!

You might be curious to know what Santa would bring to you. Well, we don’t know about the Santa’s secrets. Maybe we won’t get anything, maybe Santa didn’t get time to shop for gifts because it’s covid and stores in UK are temporarily closed.

Seriously! What if Santa don’t come to give us presents. Don’t worry! We have easy and simple Christmas Ideas that will save you at the last minute. So that your kids and guests don’t go home sad.

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas For Last Minute

Stitch The Initials

christmas gifts
via: l-t.de

Christmas decorations are incomplete without hanging socks isn’t it. But they can be a great gift as well. If you haven’t got time to buy any gift then go to the garment stores and buy some vibrant colored socks.

Stitch the initials of the one you wish to send gift and it’s ready.

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Homemade Treats

christmas treats

If you are a great cook then it’s good. You don’t have to look for any expensive gift, one made with heart is a gift worth appreciation. This cheescake bite is one that you can bake at the last minute. Here’s the recipe:

Cheescake Bites

  • Store bought Cheescake- 1 plain
  • Whipped cream- 1 1/2 c
  • Strawberries- 12

Recipe- Cut the round shape from cheesecake using a biscuit cutter. Fill the piping bag with whipped cream and layer the cake with it. Place the fresh strawberries on the cheesecake and dig in.

DIY Bath Tea

christmas gifts

These are wonderful recipes that you can gift to your guests or long-distance friends. Take some epsom salt, essential oil of your choice, and dried flowers. Put them all in a small reusable bags and tie with a silk ribbon. Place a tag with name of the recipient.

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Bubble Bath Gift Box

christmas gifts

Scented baths are relaxing, isn’t it. Your guests would love it. However, you don’t have to buy all essentials for bubble bath. DIY this gift box at home. All you need is wine, candles, matches, chocolate, and bath salts. Put all these in one box, wrap it with a gift paper and it’s ready.

Snow Globes

christmas gifts
via: thegrommet

If snow globes were on gift list but you could not buy then make one at home. It’s easy!

Get some epoxy, glitter, and glycerin. Fill a glass jar with water and epoxy, place a tiny Christmas tree or snowman, sprinkle glitter and colored balls. Your snow globe is ready. You can even paint the jar to make it more attractive.

Kitchen Hand Scrub

christmas gifts

This year we all have took one thing very seriously that is washing your hands. So, a hand scrub would be an ideal gift for Christmas. Make a kitchen hand scrub on your own.

Mix oilve oil, sugar, lemon, and salt in a jar and kitchen hand scrub is ready.

Homemade Lip Balm

christmas gifts
via: stylecraze

Chapped lips are something that we would surely get this winters. Make a healing lip balm at home for your guests. You will need shea butter, coconut oil, essential oil, and beeswax pellets for the recipe.

Microwave all the ingredients for 30 seconds and pour into a tube or lip balm box. Let it cool and cover with a gift wrap.

Prepare these 7 DIY Christmas gifts if you have forgot some guests in the list or could not do shopping due to busy streets or covid.


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