Is Anushka’s Headstand Asana Worthy During Pregnancy?

Anushka and Virat Kohli are going to be blessed with a baby very soon. The couple is extra careful and excited at the same time to start a new family. But this one photo of Anushka is giving everyone serious goosebumps especially when she is pregnant.

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Internet Is Gushing Over This Throwback Pic Of Anushka On Instagram 

Anushka recently took social media to post a throwback photo which has left everyone shocked and amazed at the same time. In the recent pic, Anushka can be seen doing yoga as she is a big fan of Yoga and been doing it for years.

She didn’t let her pregnancy become an escape to the daily yoga sessions and this pic is the proof.


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Anushka did one of the most difficult yoga asanas that are Shirshasana which is good for many reasons. It improves the digestive system, treats migraines, strengthens the upper torso, improves focus ability, and calms the mind.

It requires a lot of practice to nail this asana but Anushka did it very gently without facing any issues. And we know the reason, it’s because she is doing yogasanas for years and her ‘very abled husband’ is at the support.

Her yoga teacher was also supervising the entire session virtually so that nothing goes wrong. If Anushka can do the headstand perfectly during pregnancy, even you can do the same.

[Note: Do not just blindly follow the #AnushkaSharma headstand pose without knowing the basics. Also, consult the doctor and perform any yoga asana under supervision as this can be harmful to you and your baby.]

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Here are the steps to do Shirshasana:

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  • Kneel down on the floor
  • Rest your forearms in the front by bending a bit forward. Keep them in line with the shoulders.
  • Bring your head between the clasp fingers and gently lift up your knees in the air
  • Gradually lift up your legs and rest them on the wall without losing the balance
  • Do not lean or bend in any direction and ensure that your body is perpendicular to the ground. You can even take help to get into the stable position
  • Stay in the headstand pose for a while and gently return to the original position

Safety Precautions And Warnings

Shirshasana is undoubtedly one of the best yoga for overall health but if you are pregnant and never did it before then avoid doing a headstand. Instead of headstand, do mountain pose, sukhasana, triangle pose, warrior pose, and tree pose.

Consult a doctor before doing any yoga or exercise during pregnancy and avoid bending and twisting exercises or yoga. Shirshasana is also not recommended for women during menstrual cycles.

Those with high blood pressures, head or neck injury, cold, constipation, and other serious health issues should avoid Sirasana.

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