Vishnuasana: Yoga For Better Flexibility Of Pelvis Joints

Vishnuasana is a perfect yoga to keep the pelvic joint flexible. Not only it stretches but it also strengthens it. The pose resembles Lord Vishnu’s sleeping pose hence it got name Vishnuasana.

But do not think it’s as simple as lying on the floor imitating Lord Vishnu’s pose. You have to do it correctly in a sequence. So, here are all the steps.

Step-By-Step Instructions For Vishnuasana


Step1- Lay down on the floor in a straight position

Step2- Now lay sideways to the right side

Step3- Give support to your head using the right palm. Keep the elbow on the ground. Your right hand should be behind the ear.

Step4- The left leg should be straight and bring the left palm to the chest on the floor.

Step5- Lift your left leg up and then pause. Bring it down after a few seconds. Repeat this step for 3-5 times.

Step6- Rotate your leg forming a circle right from the pelvic joint. Do it in one direction for at least 5-6 times. Change the direction and do for another 5-6 times.

Step 7- Slowly bring your left leg down on the floor and give it a rest

Step8- Now again lay down in straight position. Take a few breaths and turn to another side. Now, lift your right leg and move it up and down. Rotate in a circular direction both clockwise and anticlockwise.

When one cycle of both the sideways is done, relax.

Benefits Of Vishnuasana

  • Strengthens the nervous system
  • Improves balance and concentration
  • Improves flexibility of muscles
  • Stretches hamstrings, abdomen and inner thigh muscles

Caution With Vishnuasana

Those who have back problems or stomach injuries should not do vishnuasana. Moreover, if you have undergone surgery then also vishnuasana is not suitable for you. People with slipped disc should completely avoid it. But those with no such issues can perform it and make their pelvis joint flexible and strong.



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