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If Gossiping Scares You, Here’s How To Manage Workplace Gossip

Got a new job? Congratulations then! New workplace, new colleagues, and a salary hike might fill you with excitement but beware of workplace gossip. Surely, you will take some time to blend in with the new culture, but one thing that you should learn is how to manage workplace gossip.

You never know what words of yours become exciting stuff for gossiping. It could be your dressing style, your past work experience, or a quick conversation with a colleague. And at the end of the day, everyone knows about it. 

What’s challenging is to find out the gossip queen of the office especially when you are an alien at the workplace. Also, colleagues who seem helpful to you could be back-bitchers. Unfortunately, whether you are involved in the gossip or not, your reputation and career are at risk. 

Is there a remedy or a way to avoid the chitchat to become gossiping stuff? YES! And the antidote to manage workplace gossip is right over here. So, read further.

No Sharing Of Personal Information

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Workplace is not a place to discuss your family issues, relationship problems, or financial situations. Unfortunately, the friendly work environment does not stop us from sharing this information with our friends’ cum colleagues. 

Although this will not stop them from talking behind your back, at least you will not become an entertainer for them. I know its hard to keep a secret within you with your friends at work. 

Therefore, pick a friend that you are confident about and think twice before sharing it.

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No Romantic Affair

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Did you find a co-worker taking an interest in you? Or a crush from the past is working in the same office? Well, it’s better not to get involved in a love affair, especially at the workplace, as it will make you a hot topic of everyday discussion. 

Keep your love affair private ( if you two are already in a relationship). Sharing love-life not only gives colleagues good stuff for everyday gossip at tea but also harms your relationship. If you do, then you will feel more involved in baseless chit chats and arguments with your partner. This kind of behavior kills your professionalism and reputation, so behave professionally and balance your love and work life. 

Don’t Lose Temper

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If you are short-tempered, then be ready to become the target at workplace. Some people like such people because short-tempered people are nothing but an entertainer for them. They enjoy your red face, losing Temper so quick, instant replies. 

People do it intentionally out of jealousy. Their actions and the ultimate goal is to make you upset. Instead of losing your Temper, take some time to cool down. Don’t speak, go out for a while, take a deep breath, and come back. 

Avoid arguments as much as you can, and if their actions go out of control, then discuss with them. 

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Check Out Your Dressing Style

manage workplace gossip

The very first topic of their gossip is your appearance. Don’t dress up like you are going for a party or cleaning a yard. It makes you look less professional, and later it would be hard for you to manage workplace gossip.

Remember that clothes make an impression, especially at the workplace, so dress appropriately.  

Don’t let others degrade your reputation! So, keep these tips in mind to manage workplace gossip. 

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