Know What Makes Your Hair Greasy?

It can be frustrating to wake up with greasy hair. Every AM before work, don’t like to wash your hair or have to douse it in greasy hair shampoo every time you work out? While having greasy hair is related to hormonal imbalances, genetics, diet, and your lifestyle, your hair care techniques and routine can help to keep grease under control. 

Here Are 5 Things that could be causing greasy hair

Touching Your Hair Often:

via:Touching Your Hair Often:

We all know that touching face too many times can cause acne, but many of us are not familiar that touching hair too many times can cause greasy hairs. The reason is your hands have natural skin to protect your skin. So, when you touch your hair, the oil directly transforms into your hair. 



You daily wash your hair to cleanse the grease, but actually, it is not helpful. Daily washing can mix your scalp of its natural oil and produce more oil in order to replace them. At least, try to avoid daily hair washing.



Too much combing your hair can lead to oil production, which looks glossy at starting, but soon looks greasy. 



Overuse of conditioner is another cause of greasy hair. You may be using a too heavy conditioner for your hair type, which can weigh it down. The other reason is you may not be washing it appropriately. For this, avoid conditioner all over your hair, place on the ends to avoid causing lank lengths and oily roots. 

Always Wearing A Ponytail:

Ponytails are too decent and cute, but always tying the hair in a ponytail may lead to the production of dirt and scalp. These scalp and dirt make your hair greasy. 

To conclude, you can prevent greasy hairs with proper care and good products. Moreover, it would be best to use greasy hair shampoo for smooth and grease-free hair. 

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