Good Reasons To Turn Relationship Off Social Media

Whether you are in the midst of your love journey or about to start, I suggest you keep your relationship off social media. Of course, you both want to tell the world how deeply you love each other. But, the world is not truly happy with your love life. 

First, answer these questions before I tell you the reasons to keep social media & relationships apart.

Would you like to get stalked by your friends or ex-partner every day? Or would you like all those lovey-dovey moments to haunt you in the future after a breakup? NO, then you must read further to believe my words.

Social Media & Relationship Should Not Be In Sync-Why?


Genuinely happy couples never post about their relationship, and they enjoy a healthy and happy relationship. On the other hand, over-posting couples are the unhappy ones; their public facade hides their reality. What went wrong between those active couples on social media?

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Illusion Of Healthy Relationship


Every day you open your Instagram or Facebook account, and you see a post full of cheesy jokes, love quotes, or romantic photos of those couples. What are they trying to show the world? They are too happy in love, like on the 9th cloud. Well, they are merely trying to convince each other that everything is fine between them. 

It’s an act of seeking validation from others on social media. More likes and positive comments keep them in the delusion of a happy love life. Well, genuine couples don’t need others’ validation. 

Distracted Not Happy


Seriously, when you are enjoying your happy moments, then the first thing that comes to your mind is to post a photo of two. Of course not, you won’t give a damn to social media rather will be busy enjoying each other. 

Happy couples find social media as a distraction. They will keep their phone off and let nobody steal their precious moments. You can always upload a selfie or photos later and cherish those moments forever, and that post will be a flashback of your happy moments.

On the other hand, more active couples on social media miss the real joy of being together. Even if they see that post or photo in the future, they will not get the same feelings because they felt nothing in their present. 

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Invite Others To Stalk


Nobody likes to get stalked, especially by their ex-partners. Posting on social media sites will do nothing but invite them to work like a stalker (if they are still interested in you or are trying to spoil your life). Even if you are doing it intentionally, then always keep your new relationship off social media. Their activities could harm your budding relationship.

A Constant Feeling Of Getting-Judged


Undoubtedly, you or your partner will become a victim of unnecessary judgment by others. People will start comparing you and your relationship with others or ex-relationship. This kind of comparison and that to be always is bad for your mental health. 

Keeping a relationship off social media keeps you away from this constant comparison theory and grows slowly in love. 

Besides this, turning off your social media life gives you a chance to know your partner beyond the walls of Facebook and Instagram. Now you know the secret of being happy couples. 

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