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Can’t Sleep ? Here’s How To Fall Asleep In Just 2 Minutes

How to fall asleep in 2 minutes? If you are also suffering from sleep issues and tired of being a night owl, you would definitely want to know the answer. Let us tell you that falling asleep is a natural process even though a few sleep pills help you snooze quickly.

how to fall asleepThey are good in short term but supplements are bad in longer run. The entire process of sleeping should be natural that takes 5 to 15 minutes usually. But, if you are stressed or dealing with insomnia, then sleep cycle will take longer to start.

Learn here how to fall asleep instantly with the military technique and other science-backed sleep hacks.

How To Fall Asleep In 2 Minutes With Military Technique

how to fall asleep in 2 minutes military

Soldiers live in a tough environment, not just in terrain but atmosphere as well. They need to stay calm and take enough sleep to stay active and attentive. For this, they use a military technique as discussed below

1. Relax your forehead then your eyes, cheeks, and jaw
2. Keep all your focus on breathing
3. Do not keep your shoulders tight, leave them relaxed
4. Relax your hands, stomach, legs, and feet while taking a deep breath
5. Release all the stress and try not to think (If the stubborn thoughts keep hitting you, just repeat ‘Don’t Think’)

Try this every night and gradually you will fall asleep faster than before. It works for real and many have found solace through this hack.

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4-7-8 Breathing Method
how to fall asleep in 2 minutes

Here is how to fall asleep in 2 minutes with this breathing method

• Touch your front teeth with the tongue and exhale via mouth.
• Inhale via nose and count 1, 2, 3, 4 only in your head
• Now hold your breath before exhaling. Pause for only 7 seconds and release at the 8th while making a whooshing sound

Practice the above steps without focusing too much. After a few breaths, your mind will automatically calm down and your body will enter into the sleep mode

Try Distraction Hack

how to fall asleep

Even after putting in so much efforts, one may still find sleeping a tough task. What to do? How to fall asleep instantly in 2 minutes then! Use the imagery distraction trick, also known as visualization method. The method is studied and tested at Oxford University which says the trick actually works.

Imagine you are at a calm place surrounded by waterfall, trees, and a mild breeze is flowing. Let your mind step into the imaginary world and you would not even realize when your eyes shut off.

Press The 3 Points
how to fall asleep

Our body has a few points which when pressed, put us in deep sleep mode. It’s like switching off your brain.

1. Spirit Gate– This point is just below your wrist, gently press both sides in a circular motion for a few minutes

2. Inner frontier Gate– It is three finger-widths away from your wrist line. Press the point with thumb and massage gently to relax your muscles

3. Wind pool– At the back of your neck is two pressure points called together a wind pool. Put gentle pressure on these points and breathe deeply.

Once your muscles and mind feel calm, the body will fall asleep. Remember, if your room has any distracting elements like a noisy clock, too much light or cold temperature then your sleep will be hindered.

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