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How Depression Can Affect Your Daily Life!

Each one of us feels the blues from time to time or face trauma while losing a loved one. But if you can’t see the future clearly and move on from your loss and sadness then it might be a sign that you are depressed.

Depression is a mental disorder which makes you feel sad, hopeless and makes you lose interest in daily activities or the things you enjoyed once.

There are many kinds of depression and it can affect your relationships and your general life.

Here are a few ways by which depression might be affecting your life.

1. It Makes You Feel Worthless

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Are you feeling worthless and can’t find any purpose in your life?
Can you only see your future full of hopelessness and have that persisting sadness?
It may be a sign that you are depressed and because of this roller coaster emotional ride, you might experience disturbances in your work life and relationships.
Always be hopeful that things will be better and practice self-love.

2. Your Health Is Affected

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You lose interest in day to day activities and have major changes in your appetite ranging from feeling too hungry to no appetite at all. You might also experience insomnia or feel more sleepy than usual. Try changing your lifestyle to a more healthy and eat lots of fresh veggies they’ll improve your health.

3. You Feel Disconnected From The World

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You may not feel like talking to your friends or your loved ones. You stop going to public outings and parties and just don’t feel like communicating with anyone and start isolating yourself. Don’t feel you are alone in the struggle, even though you think you are not important your family and friends will always love you unconditionally and will be there no matter what.

4. You Have Unexplained Aches And Pains

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You are not hurt physically but have unexplained pain that even doctors can’t find a reason for and it keeps on getting worse.

5. You Are Tearful

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Some people cry a lot! But crying for every small thing that goes wrong with your life is pretty unhealthy and lead to an emotional meltdown in the long run.
Try to consciously focus on your thoughts and react to the situation in a calm way.

6. Decision Making Is Hard

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Decision making can be confusing but when you are depressed even small decisions can be a big task. Your lack of confidence portrays on your decision-making skills and overthinking becomes your bae.
Stop being so hard on yourself and try being kinder. Go make some random decisions it’s not the end of the world after all.

7. Anxiety Is Your Best Friend

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If you find yourself shaking without a reason or imagine the worst of every situation and can’t stop thinking about these negative thoughts. You might have anxiety which is common in depression. To reduce the anxiety you can practice meditation and remind yourself that “Everything is going to be just fine”.

8. Self-Harm And suicidal Thoughts

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In chronic depression, people start self-harming themselves and even have suicidal thoughts. If these feelings persist seek professional help immediately and talk to someone about it.

9. Feeling Empty

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Some individuals can feel pain while others feel nothing at all. They feel empty and are unable to experience any joy.
Try doing things that were once pleasurable to you like eating cake or helping someone.

10. No Energy

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Depressed individuals often find themselves tired and lack the motivation and interest to pursue anything in life. They are both physically and mentally tired. You can always try to think positively and participate in small activities that make you happy.

If you are experiencing these things for a long time, then you should seek professional help and reach out to your trusted ones.
Depression is just a mental disease which can be treated and there is no shame in admitting that you are depressed.

Sending positivity your way!

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