India Needs To Look Beyond MS Dhoni, Gawaskar States Dhoni Doesn’t Fit In His Choice For T-20 WorldCup 2020

Okay, tell me this, how high or drunk a person need be to NOT choose perfection personified MS Dhoni in their ‘Dream Team’?
Apparently, former captain and batting legend Sunil Gavaskar emphasizes on the fact that its high time for Indian Cricket Team to look beyond MS Dhoni. He believes that Indian Team should invest in youth going into next year’s World T20.


Has he been hanging out with Shashtri a lot, lately or what?
No, the bigger question is, who is that one hell of a supplier who provides them with such insane stuff to smoke!

Aaj Tak asked Gavaskar if Dhoni should be selected for the Bangladesh tour, to which he replied:

“No, we need to look beyond. Mahendra Singh Dhoni at least doesn’t figure in my team. If you are talking about the T20 World Cup, I will certainly think about Rishabh Pant.”

Via: Hindi News – India TV

Okay, yeah as if Rishabh Pant is doing wonders *rolling eye*
Although is ready for the next option as well:

“If I need to have an alternate option, then I will think of Sanju Samson because Sanju is a good ‘keeper as well as a good batsman.”

Sanju Samson
Via: The Indian Express

He further added:

“If I have to think of the T20 World Cup, I would think about youth as we need to look forward. Dhoni has made a great contribution to Indian cricket but it’s now time to look beyond him.”

Sunil Gavaskar
Via: The Asian Age

*Slow Claps* Amidst speculations rife about Dhoni taking retirement, this is a very bad time Gavaskar chose to get on our nerves.
We respect you a lot sir, please don’t make us stop that.


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