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Honda In Trouble Ahead Of Discontinuing The Cars

Honda, a brand that was very popular at the time in the car market of India. But now, it has struggled to keep its position at that very place in the last six years. The strict emission norms and aging product portfolio have consequenced in the firm’s not succeeding to live up to its magnificence in the market of India. 

The Honda Discontinuation


As a consequence, the company has eliminated the Jazz, WR-V, and City 4th generation models from the Indian website and now provides only the Amaze and City 5th gen models. 

In the last six years, the firm has stopped the production of nine cars in the market of India, a record high for any international carmaker. This step advises that something is not being okay for the company in the country. 

Honda stopped the production of the Brio and Mobilio in 2017, and after that Accord, Civic, CR-V, BR-V, and Jazz Diesel in 2020. At present, the firm has discontinued the WR-V, Jazz, and City 4th generation from the market of India. 

In spite of the rumors of Honda launching a new compact SUV to rival the likes of Creta as well as Seltos, it resides to be witnessed if the firm can restore its fortune in the car market of India. 

The Great Fear Of Honda


Many Honda dealerships have been contacted to accumulate their thoughts on eliminating the three car models. As per them, Honda eliminated the models primarily due to the new RDE laws. 

It is not feasible for Honda to put their money as well as resources to update these older models to fulfill the current strict emissions laws, as the return on investment is not clear. 

Although, sources show that the automaker is making plans to introduce a new compact SUV. In spite of this, media reports advise that the judgment from the company to eliminate the three models was because of poor sales and low demand. 

In February 2023, Honda Cars India listed monthly domestic sales of 6,086 units, demonstrating a negative growth of 15% from the same month in 2022 when the firm sold 7,187 units in the country. 


Additionally, the exports of Honda also faced a drop, with the automaker exporting 973 units last month as compared to 2,337 units in February of the last year, consequencing in a 58% fall. 

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Moreover, the closing of the Greater Noida plant gave a contribution to the elimination of the Civic and CR-V, as the company rivaled to strengthen its foothold in the market in India.

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