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Heart-Breaking Pictures Of “Wuhan” Amidst The Coronavirus Outbreak

After the coronavirus outbreak and taken so many lives in Wuhan, millions of people in Wuhan are closed down in their houses to protect themselves from the father of the virus ‘ Coronavirus.’

Amidst this sensitive situation in china’s province ‘Wuhan.’ Look at some of the places in Wuhan which used to be filled with tourists and local people at a time.

The Yangtze River Bridge

Via: aljazeera

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Wuhan. Now, after the spread of Coronavirus, the bridge lies deserted. You can not spot a single person on the bridge due to the fear of Coronavirus.

Most of the travel destinations are closed


To stop the spreading of the virus, the government of Wuhan has closed various destinations. These destinations include some popular tourist destinations as well.

People are lockdown

Wuhan travel

People are lockdown inside their houses. As if they get out, they may get infected with a virus or can spread their virus to others. This fear has made people lockdown themselves for weeks in Wuhan.

Closed shops blocked by barricades in Wuhan city

Wuhan coronavirus

All the local shops and malls are blocked by barricades. This is to stop people from coming to shopping places, as a market or shops are places where such viruses can easily get spread.

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Overburdened healthcare places


As millions of people need proper treatment and testing, however, the city has limited Coronavirus testing kits. So, even if a person sniffles, it becomes necessary to check out the patient, but the limited stock of testing kits creates problems.

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We can only say to People who are suffering and going through this phase, Stay strong and courageous.

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