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Memers Are Brutally Trolling Neha Dhupia For Her Remark On ‘Cheating In Relationship’

In today’s latest Bollywood News and gossip, we have Bollywood Neha Dhupia on our target today. The actress is hitting headline these days but for all bad reasons. Recently, Neha Dhupia was brutally trolled on Instagram and other platforms. Not only this, but she has also been even called #Fakefeminist by the trollers.

Want to know the reason behind the excessive trolling?

Well, As you know Neha Dhupia is judging the most popular MTV Show ‘Roadies revolution’. However, in one of the small promos shared by the channel, a participant said that he slapped his girlfriend as she was cheating on him while being in a relationship with him along with five other boys.

This story of the boy did not go down well with one of the judge Neha Dhupia and she gave a bad reply to the contestant that he had no right to slap that girl. Also, she said that if the girl is dating five other boys, it’s her choice, maybe the problem lies with you.

Watch the Video Below:


We can see in the video Rannvijay listening to the guy intently. While some agree to what Neha has said against sla[[ing, however, many got offended by her biased comments.

However, Twitterati baffled with her views, called her ‘fake feminist’

This statement by the gangsta leader Neha Dhupia did not go well with the people and they started trolling the actress hilariously. Check out some of the hilarious memes made on Neha Dhupia.

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