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Consider These Important Tips While Having Sex During Covid-19

Having sex with your partner during Covid-19 may risk your health. The risk of virus transmission is very high during sex and an important factor to consider. But it is also very important for mental, social and physical well being. We can’t deny it for a long time. According to WHO, people can have safe sex during Covid-19 by taking some preventive measures.

What We Know About Transmission

Safe Sex During Covid-19
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Covid-19 can spread during sex from infected saliva or respiratory particles inhaled by the nose and mouth. When one gets in sexual contact with an infected person, he/she shares the virus with others so easily. So, count on these tips given below in this period of Covid-19.

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Tips For Safe Sex During Covid-19

1. Get Vaccinated

Women Getting Vaccinated
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Vaccination is the primary thing to prevent coronavirus from affecting you. It allows safer interaction for both inside and outside the bedroom. While having sex, make sure that you and your partner are fully vaccinated.

2. Monitor Yourself Before Making Out

Always make sure that you and your partner are feeling well before engaging in intimate activities like kissing or sex. Do not perform them if any of you feel Covid-19 symptoms. Some people also carry viruses even after tests are negative. Because probably they were not infected at the time sample was collected or were at the early stage.

So, vaccination, monitoring your symptoms daily and regular testing are very important these days.

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3. Avoid Kissing

Safe Sex During Covid-19
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Kissing is the main activity in sex that easily pass Covid-19. It directly transfers saliva and breathing. Avoid it if your partner is not a part of your small circle of contacts or experiencing sickness.

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4. Use Condoms

There is no confirmation that Covid-19 spreads through semen or vaginal fluid. But the virus has been found in the semen of infected people. So, always use condoms as a precaution while having sex. It also prevents many STIs like HIV.

5. Wear A Mask

Safe Sex During Covid-19
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Wearing masks is also a good way for having safe sex during Covid-19. It will add a layer to your protection from the transmission of viruses. Especially it works when heavy breathing can spread the virus.

6. Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands before and after sex is the most important thing here. Wash them with soap or any liquid for at least 30 seconds.

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