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Premarital Sex- Why It is not Recommended?

Definition of relationships have somewhat changed now a days. And Premarital sexual relationship is very intense and delicate topic. In today’s time it is becoming quite disturbing  because of the changing priorities.

Gone are the days when girls and boys used to marry at early ages. But now due to the career commitments and other things people usually marry after 25. Till then their hormones, their physical or emotional needs become active. So, they involve in Premarital sex which have a great impact on their lives.

However Negative side of sexual relationship before marriage is more dominant than positive side. We are not talking here about whether it is morally right or not? It is not about just moral values as our religious beliefs have taught us. There are other difficult problems associated with it. Let’s understand what can happen if we indulge in Premarital sexual relationship.

Disadvantages of Premarital Sex

1. Memory of Body

premarital sex

Do you know your body has plenty of power to remember every touch, even if you do a slight handshake too your body will remember it. That’s why in our culture it is said to do just Namastey by joining your own hands together. So you can imagine if you involve in carnal relationships before marriage what all your body can remember.

You may tend to become confused after marriage when you involve with your spouse. It’s because your body has the memory of past physical relationship, that person has passed its DNA in your body. Hence it will create more problems.

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2. Emotional Turbulence

premarital sex


Physical relationships can never fulfil your emotional needs. For getting emotionally connected and making bond stronger there are other things too that can make it stronger. If you involve in premarital sex, it may happen that one person between the two becomes unfaithful. And this may severely break you emotionally.

Having such kind of relationships means a lot to maximum people.Not everyone is in favour of casual relationships.And when such premarital relationships doesn’t lead to marriage, it may devastate people a lot. This may have psychologically too.

3. Health Issues

As we all are aware that protections are not always 100 per cent. And in fact many people sometimes even don’t how to us contraceptive methods properly. Most of the people infact don’t use protections only. It may lead to STDs, unwanted pregnancies, stress and depression too. This may ruin your life.

4. Addiction

Premarital sex

Like social media sometimes sexual relationships even makes a person addicted. When we involve in it once ,we want to have more gratification. And this can never be fulfilled. We always chase for wrong relationships then, we become stuck in it. And it is very difficult then to come out of this chain.

5. Don’t just waste yourself

premarital sex

When you involve in sexual intimacy, just think once about yourself. Doesn’t it seem that you are wasting yourself. Making such a beautiful love making relationship so worthless. Marriage is a very important and precious union of two souls. So why you are breaking your sexual curiosity before marriage.

When we get things easily be it physical relationships, we doesn’t value it. And till marriage all our interest and curiosities just go away. We doesn’t even respect our relationship. So to keep such interests intact, our dreams for marriage to remain the same. We should keep away from it.

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6. Problems with having multiple partners

premarital sex

Some human beings are in a habit to keep multiple sexual partners. It can be disastrous. When you involve with many partners, you will always remain in perplexities. Your life will be involved in being irritable, frustrated and confused. You will feel restless all the time. With this you not only affect yourself but all the other people around you.

Your life will be filled with troubles. You will always feel unhappy and dissatisfied. For eg if you remember Draupadi from the epic Mahabharata, due to some situations she was forced to have 5 husbands and then she was in bad-temper and unhappy always. Such people will always have mood swings.

7. Infidelity

Premarital sexual relationship

Sometimes after marriage also, some people are worried if their spouse get to know their past physical relationships which may create infidelity. There is another aspect of this also. Some people if they involve in premarital sex, they may have a tendency to involve in sexual relationships outside marriage.

Though it is made legal but still we are not so broad-minded to accept carnal relationships outside marriage. Hence keep it in mind and take informed decisions.

Thus we need to be considerate before involving in premarital sex. And one thing to remember Sexual Compatibility is not the only basis while choosing a life partner. Hence its better to remain away from such relationships before marriage. Otherwise you end up choosing your marriage partner only on sexual basis.






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