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Decode His Feelings With His Kissing Styles

Do you often kiss your partner? Is it a regular lip lock, or do you kiss on their forehead or cheeks? Surprisingly, your kiss style reveals a lot about your love life. Read further to know what a guy thinks when he kisses you.

A common misconception among couples is that kissing is essential to express love. Well, that’s not true because kissing is more related to physical satisfaction than emotional. But there are different types of kisses that reflect your partner’s emotions.

Kissing Styles That Decodes Your Relationship 

A Friendly Kiss


Usually, we kiss someone on their cheeks out of fondness and not as a romantic gesture. It could be a kiss full of sentiments, but often it reflects friendship and camaraderie. This lighthearted kiss indicates the existence of a friendlier and healthy relationship between you and your partner. 

A relationship that has no base has no meaning. Friendship should be the base, and you have to reflect it from time to time.

A Kiss Full Of Affection


If your partner kisses on your forehead before going to the office, then this indicates their affection. This not only shows their love but also reveals that they are worried about your protection. 

What does a guy think when he kisses you on the forehead? He wants you to rely on him and respect your ideas and emotions. A forehead kiss has more meaning than a lip kiss. It is because your partner is not seeing you as a sex object but respects you as a human. 

So, when the next time they kiss on your forehead, kiss them back.

A Kiss Of Angel


Apart from lips, cheeks, and forehead, there are too many places on your body where you can give a simple or passionate kiss. What about eyelids? A kiss on the eyelid is a charming gesture of love. It’s an angel kiss which reflects intense fondness. 

Moreover, this sweet kiss is an indication from your partner that they cherish every moment of their life with you. So, if your man gives you an angel kiss, that means you are in the right arms. 

A Quick Peck


In a super busy life, if you don’t get quality time with your partner to spice up your romantic life, then a quick peck is enough to show your love. A peck is a slight touch of the lips that is less romantic and passionate. But this is adequate to realize that things are still good in your relationship.

Closed Mouth Kiss


Unfortunately, this kissing style is not the one that comes out of passion and love. A kiss with the closed mouth that looks like you are giving a peck( a longer one) indicates difficulties in your relationship. 

Also, it shows that your partner is not sure about the relationship. So, you must sit and discuss the difficulties and challenges in your love life with your partner. 

Kiss On Earlobe


This one is a perfect start for a romantic night or to turn on your partner. It is a more passionate and sensual kiss after the lip kiss, which works best to turn on your partner. So, if your man kisses on your earlobe then be ready for some romance. 

These kissing styles only reflect a part of their feelings. So, don’t rely entirely on these indications rather talk to your partner if you are facing any issues in your love life. But those who are vague about their partner because they are shy or not expressive, then these indications are enough to get an insight into their feelings.  

And it’s not how they kiss; even you can reflect your feelings through these kissing styles. 

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