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Google Meet Has Now 1080p Video Call Support

Google has made an official announcement in which he states that he is now updating the Google Meet video call resolution from 720p to 1080p. This will permit users to have an HD video call experience via the Google Meet app. 

Google Meet has got plenty of new features in the last few months. It is noteworthy that, in February, Google Meet got 360-degree backgrounds as well as in-call emoji reactions. 

The New Feature

Google Meet

Newly, it added the capability to obstruct or switch off other members’ video feeds to help the presenter to concentrate on what he/she to presenting. At this time, Google Meet is getting one more feature that will upgrade the overall calling experience in 1080p HD resolution. 

Although, it is noteworthy that this update from 720p to 1080p is not accessible for normal and personal Google accounts. This feature can only be accessed by Google One subscribers having 2TB or more storage space and is normally aimed at business and Enterprise users.

Steps To Use This Feature

Google Meet

Step 1: Go to Google Meet with a supported device.

Step 2: Sign in with an account

Step 3: Go to Settings and then click on “Video”

Step 4: Adjust the resolution as per your needs

Step 5: Click on “Done”

Just to use the feature, you will have to take a device that comes with a 1080p camera. The feature will go off by default, and you will have to enable it by filling in manually to enjoy HD video calling. 

Users will receive an on-screen message to turn on the feature when they have a meeting.  The feature is not available for Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Education Fundamental accounts, or other users. For the specific list, you should check the announcement. 

Google Meet is on the same list as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, which also, by the way, do not give 1080p video calls by default. The feature is introduced and will spread slowly to everyone by May 4.     

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