Say “YES” To Office Flirting To Be More Productive At Work

Office flirting might be a distraction or hindrance to your productivity. But researchers suggest mutual flirtatious behavior is an excellent way to boost your productivity. Sounds weird! Let’s find out the truth.

Truth About Office Flirting And Productivity

office flirting

A new study says that casual flirting behavior poses no harm to co-workers; instead, it benefits them. As the outcome of this study, researchers have found that colleagues who are involved in a mutual and light-hearted flirtation experience less stress than others. 

Another study by the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, has also revealed the positive benefits of workplace flirtation. The participants said that they enjoyed the workplace romance as it helps them in working more. So, they work without any stress and even feel motivated. 

However, negative social behavior, on the other hand, reverts the benefits of office flirting, which is its drawback. Also, office romance can lead to concepts like favoritism resulting in bias judgment and conflicts of interest. 

Another drawback of office flirting is the feeling of less job satisfaction, which eventually reinforces the stress.

So, is the office flirting good or bad? Well, if you know how much flirting is good flirting, then undoubtedly, flirting with co-workers will make you happy, ultimately boosting your productivity. 

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Non-Creepy Ways To Flirt With Your Colleague

office flirting

Workplace flirtation works well when you know that you are doing it in the right place with the right person. It should not seem like you are harassing them or trying to make them uncomfortable. These few non-creepy ways will help in effective flirting at office without making you look like a maker.

1. Fleeting Glimpse


An easy way to flirt is to send them a fleeting glimpse often. If your co-worker likes you or has an interest in you, then they will send it back. You can then ask them for a coffee or movie after work. But if you get no signs of interest, try another trick.

2. Grow Curiosity


It’s okay if you feel shy to approach them or even talk to them at first. But you can make them curious about you without even talking to them directly. Say cool things about you and your work, make sure that they hear you. This will raise their interest in you ( if they have mutual interest). 

For instance, you can share the workout goals, your latest career achievement, about your hobby, and more. People tend to take an interest in those who are vivacious, so have a new hobby if you are not sure what to flaunt. 

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3. Send Them A Smile


An obvious way to begin office flirting is by giving a smile to that person. Your smile will catch their eyes if they are interested in you. But don’t be a fool who often smiles for no reason as it will not catch any attention of your crush at work. Also, be friendly and approachable. 

Besides these, show interest in their talks, ask them about their life, get a coffee for two, and be genuine. Move forward only when you see positive signs from their side. However, please don’t break your professionalism as it will make both of you embarrassed and stressed. 

Final Thoughts

Office romance is not a bad thing when done without breaking boundaries. So, try these tips and who knows, you may find a partner for life at the workplace. 

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