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Finally! CarryMinati Breaks His Silence Pens An Emotional Note; Bhuvan Bam Reacts

From the past few days, Youtuber CarryMinati is ruling all over social media. The reason behind this was the video he dropped on his Youtube Channel ‘ Youtube Vs. Tiktok’.

This roast video of carry minati broke so many records and was about to set the record of most liked non-musical video. However, yesterday we came across a news that Youtube removed CarriMinati’s video, a strong storm was witnessed against both Tiktot and Youtube.

Youtube, like Nikhil Sharma, Bhuvan Bham, and Ashish Chanchlani, has too shown their disappointment. Also, Ajay Negar’s fans were eagerly waiting for his take on the entire incident, and finally, he broke his silence. CarryMinati pens emotional note on his Instagram handle, He wrote

“Growing up all I ever wanted to do was make videos and entertain people. I started videos since I was 10 – and I haven’t stopped since. I’ve given my hopes, dreams, blood, sweat – my whole life to my people on YouTube – A UGC platform where the entire content is built by users and creators like myself who somehow believe they can entertain millions of people irrespective of the access to the resources they have.”
“This video had already broken several records and we were just a day away from saying that the most liked and the most popular non music video on YouTube globally belongs to an Indian creator,” 


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YouTuber Bhuvan Bam expressed solidarity by writing, “Deep down everyone will remember that yours was/will be the most liked YT video ever. We love you.”

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What are your views on this whole matter? Share your views in the comment section below.

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