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HomeNewsTragic Incident Reported In UP's Auraiya After Two Trucks Collide, Many Killed

Tragic Incident Reported In UP’s Auraiya After Two Trucks Collide, Many Killed

The tragedies in the world are not stopping. The incoming of coronavirus and regular deaths are being reported in India and other parts of the world Migrant workers are suffering the most in the lockdown. The inconvenience to reach their hometown has made several of them walk to miles.

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Many road and rail accidents have killed migrant workers and another tragedy has been reported today.

On Saturday, two trucks collided killing 24 migrant workers and leaving many injured. The incident took place around 3-3:30 am.

The circle officer of Auraiya Surendra Yadav said:

“The accident took place in Mihauli in which 24 people died. A trailer truck carrying around 50 migrant labourers was coming from Rajasthan and it collided with a DCM truck. The accident took place on Saturday between 3.00 am and 3.30 am,”

“The DCM truck was coming from Delhi and heading towards Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh. The trailer truck hit the DCM vehicle. Both the vehicles turned upside down after losing control,”

Even the workers could not recall any memory of how the accident happened:

“We spoke to some of the survivors of the accident. Even they could not recall how the accident took place.”

UP CM Aditya Yoginath mourned for the workers’ deaths:

PM Narendra Modi also tweeted:

It is very sad that we hear such tragic incidents every morning. When will all of this stop?

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