Musk’s Mom’s Reaction to ‘Dying under Mysterious Circumstances’ Tweet Goes Viral

Elon Musk leaves no stone to surprise the world with his moves and tweets. First, he bought Twitter for $44 billion making a big headline, and now all of a sudden he talks about dying in mysterious circumstances.

Hearing something like this from Musk is really worrisome. Soon his tweet got a tremendous response from users across the world asking if there is a threat. Musk’s mom, who recently appeared at Met Gala 2022 with Elon, too reacted to his tweet.

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See Elon Musk’s Tweet and His Mom’s Reaction

Then one of a user replied to Maye that the lines Musk said were from a song.

Still, we don’t know the truth and motive behind his words. A few users believe that Musk is trolling them while others assume maybe he is giving a hint.

One of the users gave a reason why Musk must have said this. It’s because of the poor handling of Tesla and Twitter’s current condition that might have forced him to say that. While most of the users expressed their concerns for Musk, a few users took it as a joke.

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Elon Musk’s Tweet Got Hilarious Reactions, See Here 

After a few hours, Elon Musk came back to Twitter and replied to his mom, apologizing and saying he would do his best for staying alive.


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