Eliminate Stress With These Mind-Relaxing Games While Working From Home

Every individual thinks how cool it is to work from home and earn money. When one faces a stressful situation in the office, many prefer to sit at home and work. But in reality, even sitting and working from home becomes challenging for some people. The reason being, you work in a lonely environment and don’t get the opportunity to interact with others. As a result, you feel stressed. But, as it is said that, there is a solution to every problem and it applies to this situation too. Whenever you feel low, while working from home, you can play mind-relaxing games.

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These games are designed in such a manner that it keeps you in a happy mood and doesn’t let your mind affected by any stressful effects. So, let’s learn about these interesting mind-relaxing games.

Monument Valley

Via: monumentvalleygame.com

In this game, you will have to guide the princess through the complex paths and stairs. Each level of this game is exciting and keeps you engaged. The game is progressive in nature, that means, with the increase in levels, your path will become complex. The game brings soothing themes for the players and captivates the attention of players with beautiful design.


Via: playstation.com

In the game of flow, there are multiple dots that are present on a grid. There are two types of dots. Each of different colours. The player has to connect the dots that are present in the grid with their corresponding colours. All this has to be done without crossing. If you cross, then you will break the pipes and therefore lose the game. To play against the time, you can use a time trial. The game is very relaxing and gives you a calm experience.


Via: qgames.org

It is a beautiful game with amazing background. The game is very addictive, because of the interesting challenges you get in the game. When you play this game, you will have to connect the dots in a vertical and horizontal manner. To get the extra points in the game, you will have to connect square and rectangles. The game becomes challenging as you progress ahead in the game.

Dream Walker

Via: qgames.org

This game is similar to temple run, in which you will have to guide a girl to her destination. To reach the destination, there will be various obstacles that will come in your way. In each level, you will have to cross the obstacles. As the levels increase, the game becomes challenging. The main role of the player is to control movements so that the girl will be able to cross the levels.


Via: youtube.com

The game is very simple to play. You will be given the charge of a Bonsai tree and you will have to cultivate the thing that matters. The game is exciting and unique. Unlike other games, in which you have to cross some levels. In this game, you will be cultivating and creating something of your own.

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So, whenever you feel stressed while working from home, do play the above mind-relaxing games.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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