Decoding The Word “PROMISE”

Other days of Valentine week are not as tough as PROMISE DAY can be, because not everyone can keep all those words said in love. Time and situations are to be blamed sometime but it doesn’t mean couples should ignore the importance of making promises. It helps in building the foundation of love i.e., TRUST which grows with time.

But, be careful while making promises as once broken it hurts badly, in fact very badly. Stay away from unrealistic promises like “I will call you every day, do whatever you say, avoid all the girls/boys out there, and you are my whole world, and blah blah….”

Nobody can stick to these as they restrict one’s actions and create false hopes in other’s heart. Instead, make promises that focuses on mutual growth but at the same time allows one to improve as an individual.

Each letter of the word PROMISE defines those practical promises to make in love. We’ve decoded the meaning behind this 7 letter word.

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P- Promise To Never Take For Granted

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Most of the couples think that their partner will never leave or do whatever they ask just because they are madly in love with them. In other words, they take them for granted but once their self-respect and identity is questioned they’ll definitely leave.

So, if you’ve to make only one promise to your partner then it should be this-” I will never take you for granted.” Also, never say these hurtful words in relationship. This is something that not only couples but everyone should abide.

R- Promise To “Respect You”

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Second important promise that couples should make is to respect each other in terms of everything, right from their opinions, values, interest, feelings, to their identity. Accept them for who they are and don’t judge them on the parameters set by the orthodox society. It will create stronger bond and trust between you and your partner.

O- Promise To Be Open

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Hiding things or telling lies do nothing other than hurting, so promise to be open and express all your fears and feelings to your partner. But, you have to be careful while imbibing this promise as being too much expressive and disclosing every single moment of your life especially from the past can also create differences.

So, be wise while revealing your past and only disclose things that have the potential to affect your relationship in near future. Never share these 5 secrets in love. 

M- Promise To Make Time For Each Other

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One of the biggest problems among couples is that they become complacent in love and indulge too much into their career or life. But always remember, ” Time Steals Love” 

In other words, if you are not stealing time for each other from your busy schedule, then gradually relationship will become a barren place where none of you can survive for longer. So, rejuvenate your love every single day even if it’s just for an hour or minutes and keep the love intact.

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I- I Promise To Win You Even On The Bad Days

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Loving your partner on their good days is very easy but the opposite is challenging. Their bad days will make them feel unworthy, unloved, and unvalued but not everyone ask for support in such situations.

Being their partner, it’s your responsibility to understand their emotions and support them in every possible way. Help them regain the lost confidence in trying times.

S- Promise To “Strive To Be Better”

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Even though your partner has accepted you the way you are but never stop growing because growth is never ending process. Strive to be better each day in your career, life, relationship, and grow as a better human being.

E- Promise To ” Embrace Your Loved Ones”

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Love is not only about two individuals, it’s also about their families, friends, and all those who are close to them. Making place for them, understanding their importance in your partner’s life, and embracing them as if they are your own is also important.

That’s what every person in love expects so don’t forget to make these important promise with each other.




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