Toxic Relationship Habits That Ruin Your Love-Story

Often, the common relationship goals become toxic in the long run and end up hurting the couples. Undoubtedly, every couple has some goals on which they work hard to achieve. When they are in the right direction, then it fills them with immense confidence and comfort.

But, when the goals itself become toxic, then working hard to achieve them makes no sense. Therefore, you must know about those common beliefs that are bad but seems idealistic.

Common Relationship Goals That Turn Into Toxic Habits

Be Their Best Friend

common relationship goals

Usually, couples think that their partner should be the best friend besides their love. But that’s not true. Friendship is the base of love, but your partner should not be the only source of support in a relationship.

Think of it as a condition where you are asking for support from the same person who put you in the situation. That does not work. Instead of having a close friend other than your partner is best for better support and connection. There could be someone who is all ears to you and can advise you better. So, realize the importance of a friend other than your partner.

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Lose Yourself To Get Them

common relationship goals

A typical notation among the couples is that being comfortable with your partner means forgetting yourself. Having a partner does not mean that your life is theirs, and you stop thinking about yourself. This is worst among all the toxic relationship habits.

Losing yourself will eventually make you lose your partner as well. So, this typical relationship belief won’t help you in any way.

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Always Stand For Them

common relationship goals

Of course, you should support your partner in tough times. Sometimes, either you or they can make mistakes and forgiving each other; keeping ego aside is necessary. However, don’t make it a common relationship goal to support your partner always( even if they commit mistakes all the time). Put yourself first and see the big picture when it comes to forgiving your partner.

Go With The Flow

toxic relationship habits

Another toxic habit in a relationship is thinking that goes with the glow when in love. The universe will make an effort to bring two of you closer, and everything will be like a fairy tale. That’s a myth, or shall I use a stupid thought.

It requires effort to make things work even in a relationship. They are the results of constant work and effort, which demands a lot of sacrifice and compromise as well. So, don’t be afraid of making efforts and compromises.

However, one common toxic relationship habit is making too many sacrifices when in love. It could exhaust you, especially when only you are the one doing it. It should come from both sides.

They Should Know Your Needs Even If You Don’t Say

toxic relationship habits

Common relationship goals also include that partners should know each other’s needs. Of course, they should, but they would be able to do only when you make them realize it. Nobody is a mind reader and can understand everything without being said.

Giving hints always doesn’t work. So, say when you expect something from your partner. Excellent communication is the key to escape from the feeling of disappointment.

These five relationship goal examples slowly turn out into toxicity and spoil everything even before you realize. Change these toxic relationship habits and save your relationship from slow damage.

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