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Be A Bit Dishonest! 5 Things Not To Share With Your Partner

Honesty is the best policy, but not always, especially in your relationship. Never hide something but never share with your partner a few secrets. For instance, spilling the beans about your past, a bad observation, or intuitions to your partner is bootless. Here’s why?

Sharing everything does not ensure the closeness of you two. It does the opposite and may transform your relationship negatively. So, what are the few secrets that you shouldn’t be sharing with your better half? 

Your Innocent Crush

share with your partner

Just because you are committed to someone does not mean that you will not get attracted to somebody. After all, we are human, and attraction is a natural phenomenon. So, if you feel drawn to a co-worker or have a secret crush on somebody, don’t share it with your partner.

However, never break the boundaries or pursue the crush at your partner’s back. That is a sign of cheating. Revealing about your crush will hurt them, and they will start doubting you unnecessary. 

I guess you surely do not want to make a fuss about your non-serious crush. So, keep it a secret.

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About Their Flaws

share with your partner

A genuine relationship demands to improve your partner by making them aware of their flaws. Tell them about the weaknesses and suggest a way to change it. This is how you two can grow together.

However, it’s okay to figure out certain flaws that you cannot change. Accept them and don’t share with your partner, especially when there is no point in doing it. It will do nothing than bringing negative feelings in your partner’s mind. 

About Your EX

your ex

One thing that you should never do in a healthy relationship is sharing your thoughts about ex-partners. Overcoming the past-relationship takes time; it could be months or years. If you still miss your ex-love, then avoid sharing this feeling. 

Your present partner would not like to hear about your ex more often. It will make them jealous and, most importantly, less worthy. Keep these thoughts to yourself and try to focus on your present love. 

About Your Likings 

ex likings

Surely, everyone has a few things they liked about their ex, maybe their beauty, skills, cooking, or anything else. But comparing your current partner with them is not an excellent idea. You would compare a bit, but don’t judge them on those likes.

Every person is different, so respect your partner even if they are not as good as your ex. And this comparison is not limited to sex but also education, physical appearance, and education. 

Molding them as per your old likings will make them think that you don’t love for them being who they are. Be supportive instead and respect them for who they are. 

About Your Friend’s Thinking


Your friends may have different thoughts about your partner. They may think that you two are not a perfect couple. They will judge your partner for everything from their appearance, behavior, job, and habits. 

Please don’t share with your partner what your friends think about them unless it’s necessary. Their suggestions and likes don’t matter as long as you feel good about your love. Sharing this could be a lose-lose situation as they will feel judged all the time. 

Keeping secrets is sometimes good for your long-term relationship.  

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