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5 Hurtful Words In A Relationship That Every Couple Should Avoid

Every couple fights and says hurtful words in a relationship. But words are more powerful than action, and sometimes these become the cause of irreparable damage. The words said at any moment remain forever in the heart of a partner, which turns the happy love into a toxic one. 

On the other hand, Fights are inevitable, which nobody can avoid and should not avoid because it lets you understand your mistakes. It gives you a chance to get closer to your partner. However, by controlling your words, you can prevent it from turning into a moment that you regret forever. 

So, here are few words not to tell your partner and avoid chances of future fights due to those words. 

What Did You Do For Me?

hurtful words in a relationship

Telling them only about your efforts and sacrifices for keeping a relationship working is hurtful. Your partner will feel like their efforts are ignored. They might not tell you what they did for you, but ignoring them will make them feel less worthy. 

And a single word of yours will cause a deep crack in their heart, which you may not be able to fill back even in months or years. You never know what hurts them deeply, so never count your efforts or ask about their sacrifices during arguments.

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I Feel Bad Because Of You

hurtful words in a relationship

Good and bad days, both will be there in your marriage. But pointing them out for having a bad day will not be less than a shock for your partner. Don’t blame them for everything wrong that happens in your life and relationship. 

You may or may not mean it, but it will hurt their sentiments. Think of a situation when they blame you for the same and feel the pain before you such words come to your head. 

My Job Is More Important

hurtful words in a relationship

No matter who earns more, you two are doing it for your family. So, comparing and saying that your job matters more than theirs is a disrespectful and hurtful thing you could ever say to your partner. 

Just like you, your partner also takes pride in their job. So, embrace their effort and respect it. The comparison will make you lose your partner. 

Marrying You Was My Mistake

hurtful words in a relationship

Did you ever say these words and go out shutting the doors on their face? Whether you mean it or not, you might think that it has ended the fight, but it may stop your relationship as well. Often, this hurtful phrase comes into the mind when things go out of control.

This not only hurts them but also puts a question on your journey with your partner. It will make your spouse think that love has faded, and now living together is pointless. They may leave you forever.

My Ex Was Better

hurtful words in a relationship

Being frank with your partner about your past relationship is good, but saying anything without thinking is wrong. There are a few things that you should keep locked forever in your heart and never share with your spouse. 

Missing your ex-love is not bad, but expressing it will hurt your partner. They will feel less valued and inferior and think that you want to go back to your ex, even if you don’t.

These words can weaken your relationship from inside, so be careful during the argument. 

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