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Common Signs Of Learning Disabilities To Check In Kids Early

Having trouble reading and writing at the initial stage is evident in kids. But when this trouble persists for long, then it’s a cause of concern for parents. Parents have to check for the common signs of learning disabilities when the struggle among kids continues.

Learning disabilities, if not treated at a young age, will continue and make things worse for the kids. As a result, it harms their self-esteem, and they slowly lose motivation in doing something. So, make sure that you don’t overlook any symptoms of learning disabilities.

Here are the signs that reflect learning disorder or disability in children.

Common Signs of Learning Disabilities

A child with a learning disorder is unable to learn skills that even a kid with average intelligence can learn quickly. This shows the severity of the problem were not only the reading and writing ability gets weak, but nonverbal skills are also an issue.

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Here is how each skill got affected and how to identify the common signs of learning disabilities.


common signs of learning disabilities

When your kid has a learning disorder, then he or she will have trouble pronouncing the word correctly. It happens with simple words as well. In addition to this, they cannot even remember the name for long.

Also, they don’t even understand the word or read at different speeds than usual. They have trouble learning general vocabulary skills. Also, recognizing a letter and word is also one of the symptoms of learning disabilities. This is dyslexia.


symptoms of learning disability

If the handwriting of your kid is not neat and consistent, then scold them, because they may have writing disability. But that is not the only symptom. Your kids will show other symptoms of learning disabilities as well, such as difficulty in copying words or letters accurately. Moreover, they will also have trouble learning grammar and punctuation.


symptoms of learning disability

Learning disorder makes even simple calculations of addition and subtraction difficult for kids. They will struggle with numbers, signs, and necessary sequencing. This form of disability is known as dyscalculia.

Other than these, common signs of learning disabilities are seen in the nonverbal skills as well. It means they have trouble planning and organizing. Concentration, Facial expressions, interpretation, physical coordination, and social interaction also trouble them. Making an excuse for not doing homework is common in kids but with that having disorder, the excuse is followed by intense emotions.

So, when you see these symptoms of learning disabilities in kid, immediately consult a doctor.

Causes Of Learning Disability

Your kid may have learning disorder as a result of psychological trauma, physical trauma, family history, and inadequate environmental exposure. Moreover, the child gets disorder as early as in the mother’s womb due to excessive alcohol or drugs. Premature birth and weak growth can also be the causes of learning disability.

Learning Disabilities Treatment

learning disabilities treatment

Beside this, your child might experience other issues along with the learning disorder such as anxiety and depression. So, medication for such problems may reduce the common signs of learning disabilities in the kid.

Besides this, the doctor will give them complementary medicine as well. However, the parents have a tremendous responsibility to help their kid deal with the disorder. They need to have the patience to see progress in their kid’s health.

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