Bringing The Tradition To Your Plate With Delicious Bakra Eid Recipes

Muslims across the globe wait eagerly for the auspicious festival of Bakra Eid, also known as Eid al-Adha, that occurs in Dhu al-hijjah( Islamic Month). As per the tradition, scrumptious eid recipes are prepared, enjoyed with the family, guests, and also served to people in need.

That’s the beauty of this festival which makes it more than a celebration but an opportunity to serve humanity. And when all the bakrid special recipes and desserts across the world get a place on the table, the joy would be double.

So, we have brought all those exotic flavors today to make your eid extra special and memorable.

Special Bakra Eid Recipes To Add To Your Menu

1. Bolani

eid recipes

Afghanis celebrate Eid with traditional recipes like Bolani which is a popular street food of the country. It is a stuffed flatbread that is usually served with yogurt and enjoy in the main course. Veggies like onion, potatoes, and cilantro go into Bolani as stuffing.

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2. Doro Wat

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Also known as spicy Ethiopian chicken stew, Doro wat is a community food enjoyed with injera. Injera is a fermented flatbread that is spongy and looks like a pancake. Doro wat is also a national dish of the country.

3. Instant Pot Nihari

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Bakra Eid is the main festival in Pakistan and is celebrated with mouth-watering delicacies like beef kofta curry, haleem, aloo keema, chicken karahi, and more. One of these traditional eid recipes to try is instant pot nihari where beef is the main ingredient.

It takes only half an hour to for pre-cooking preparation of the nihari and beef is cooked in a clay pot. The slow cooking allows the beef to absorb all the whole and ground spices. Within an hour, the beef turns tender and moist.

You should definitely try this Pakistani beef stew.

4. Chicken Tagine

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The Sunni predominant country, Morocco, has the best recipes to celebrate Eid Al-Adha. Tagine is a slow-cooked meat that is prepared in the traditional clay pot. The recipe got its name after the tagine (the pot) that allows food to cook in its own moisture thus the taste remains intact and flavors come out beautifully.

5. Kleicha


Most of the special bakrid recipes have chicken, lamb, and beef as the main ingredient thus non-vegetarian food is the highlight. But, sweets and desserts are equally loved and prepared on this occasion. Iraqis and Egyptians love to have Kleicha on this day.

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It is a pastry roll stuffed with date paste and garnished with sesame seeds with the goodness of cardamom. Kleicha is somewhat similar to Maamoul which is a famous Lebanese dessert.

6. Nalli Bhuna

bakra eid

How can one forget to add this Mughlai recipe from the Kitchen of Awadhi? The dish is enjoyed by the Nabaabs of Lucknow since history and is now one of the must-have eid recipes. The mutton pieces soaked in spicy curry melts in the mouth leaving a subtle taste of saffron, cinnamon, and meat. It will surely make you crave for more.

7. Shahi Tukda

shahi tukda

Another traditional eid recipe from our neighborhood Pakistan is the heavenly delicious dessert and also known as Double Ka Meetha. The Royal bite is a sugar-coated bread with the rich flavor of dry fruits and soaked in rabri.

Include all these mouth-watering bakrid special recipes in your menu for today and we are sure that they will find a forever place in your Bakra Eid menu.

Eid Mubarak!

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