Birthday Special: 5 Unknown Facts About Triple H

Who’s your favorite WWE wrestler? The name of Triple H would definitely be the answer of many. Some might know him as Terror Rising; well this deadly fighter got several ring names. But do you know his real name? We are revealing all the surprising and unknown facts about Triple H on his 51st birthday.

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Triple H: Unknown Facts About The Superstar Of WWE

1. Born As Paul

triple H

Triple H’s real name is Paul Micheal Levesque and he began his wrestling career as a pro in 1992. He was then known as Terra Ryzing for the way he used to scare wrestlers and the audience with his deadly fighting skills.

2. From Bodybuilding To Wrestling Champion

unknown facts about triple H

Everyone knows him as one of the great WWE wrestlers of all time but he started as a bodybuilder. Paul was only 14 then and later he won the Mr. Teenage competition of his town, New Hampshire.

He has also won several titles like World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion, etc.

3. Triple H Was A Manager Once

facts about triple H

Surprised! That’s true. Your favorite wrestlers had also worked as a manager before stepping into the ring and becoming King of Kings. However, he was a gym manager in Nashua that proved a career-changing decision of his life.

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Ted Arcidi, the World Champion powerlifter of that time saw a wrestler in Paul and introduced him to WWE.

4. He Started A Cancer Fund For One Of His Fan

unknown facts about triple H

Triple H is tough outside but he’s a very generous and humble person. Along with his wife Stephanie McMahon, the wrestler started a fund for one of his WWE fans who was suffering from cancer. Unfortunately, the boy died due to cancer but it helped others in need.

5. WWE Accomplishments Of Triple H

facts about triple H

Do you know how many WWE championships Triple H has won? The WWE superstar has won the championship 9 times and was world heavyweight champion 5 times.

Winning is not something new for him as the wrestler has won European Championship, Tag Team, Royal Rumble, Wrestle mania, and Intercontinental championship as well.

triple H

There are many more feathers added to his cap. Currently, Paul is working with Global Talent Strategy Development as an Executive Vice President to bring fresh talent into the ring.

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