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Bhopal Mayor Malti Rai: Full Efforts to Make Bhopal Number 1 in Cleanliness, Past Experience and Family Support Will Help

Bhopal Mayor Malti Rai said in a conversation with STACKUMBRELLA, that Bhopal will become a metro city only with everyone’s cooperation.

She has become active soon after taking the oath as Mayor of Bhopal. She is visiting the city and taking information about the basic problems and discussing one to one with the councilors.

Mayor is putting all her effort to improve the cleanliness system of Bhopal and make it number one in the whole country.

At the same time, she is trying to solve the common problems of the city’s public after having conversations with them. Malti Rai also had one to one discussion with the councilors regarding this.

On Sunday, Bhopal Mayor Malti Rai talked to us about the cleanliness of the city and the drinking water scheme.

What was the first thing you did after taking the oath as Bhopal Mayor?

bhopal mayor malti rai

After the oath, I went to my office as per protocol. Now I am constantly going to my office. Meanwhile, I am constantly talking to the councilors about the problems of the wards. Due to the big responsibility, my busyness has increased, but I am also getting full support from my family.

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How do you see the challenge of getting such a huge responsibility?

I have had experience in the organization for a long time and have also been a Parshad once. That’s why I have a long experience of working in a corporation. This old experience is now working for me. I have experience in both doing public work and getting it done in Municipal Corporation.

Meat and chicken dumps are spreading dirt everywhere in the city, how will the city become clean?

In the old city, cleanliness is being affected due to shops of chicken and meat. Now we will do a survey on it. According to the number of shops in the city, meat markets will be established. The number of meat markets will depend on the number of shops. For this, we will start work after talking to the officials. Strict rules will also be adopted regarding cleanliness.

What are your efforts so that people get individual tap connections?

drinking water problem in bhopal

There are many colonies in the city where people are not getting clean water due to the rule of bulk connection. Water is the first right of every person. My first effort is that everyone should get clean drinking water. After discussing with the officials, an action plan will be prepared regarding the individual connection.

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The city’s 30% population is still not getting water, how will you solve it?

The population of the city has grown rapidly in the last few years. We are making preparations so that no one in the city should be worried about water. Water pipelines will be laid in every colony and every corner of the city. No one will bother for water.

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