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Best Austrian Wine Regions: Where To Go And Best Wine To Taste

Austria is a place to remember not for months or years but entire life and who knows this better than a wine lover. Popularly known as Wine Country, Austrian wine regions offer a double treat to visitors where they can please their senses amid the lush green surroundings.

From Sauvignon Blanck to red sweet wine, these delicate flavors are prepared here from more than 30 varieties of grape. Around 23,000 small wine growers work hard to let you taste the world’s best wines. And even though the wines produced here are expensive, tasting them is absolutely cheap.

World’s 6th best wine country, Austria lets you dive deeper into their flavor with its affordable tour packages, especially for wine lovers. Already feeling excited? Then don’t miss these best wine regions of Austria.

Dine And Wine At Austria’s Breathtaking Wine Regions

Vienna- The City Of Music

wine regions of austria

What is good wine without good music? Nothing, Vienna knows it very well. Thus, this most populous, largest, and capital city of Austria welcomes both music and beer lovers. Music flows in the air of this City of Dreams, also known as the City of Music as it’s home to the world’s best musicians Mozart and Beethoven.

And hundreds of local wine producers exaggerate this love for music with one of the finest quality wines.

Must-Visit Wineries Of City:

• Fuhrgassl Huber is one of the oldest vineyards in Vienna
• Habsburg Winery is serving legacy with a blend of innovation
• Weingut Christ is unique for its organic cultivated grapes for winemaking
• Learn about winemaking at Weingut Helmut Maglock who are serving for 200 years

Wine to Taste- Wiener Gemischter Satz

You’re welcome at these wineries but walk around other beautiful places of this city as well.

Best Things To Do In Vienna:
Things To Do In Vienna

1. Schonbrunn Palace – An example of classic Roman culture and architecture
2. St Stephen’s Cathedral- Austria’s most important church
3. Schonbrunn Gardens- The most magical garden of the city
4. Natural History Museum
5. Have fun at the Prater Amusement Park

When To Come: April-May Or September-October

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Burgenland- Austrian Red Wine Region

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Most of the wine regions of Austria produce white wines as they are widely consumed here but red wine is equally famous. At an hour’s distance lays the home of red wines, Burgenland. This area has a special wine architecture to cultivate suitable varieties of grapes for red wine.

It tastes more like Hungarian wines having a mild texture that doesn’t suppress the flavors of your meal. They are simply the best picnic boozes and you can sip them all at these beautiful wineries.

Where To Taste?

• Family-owned Weingut Hans Igler
• Stephano Das-Wein-Gut mixes art with wine in its wonderful art gallery
• Soft and warm wines of Salzl Seewinkelhof are perfect for dog days of summer

Top Austrian 3 Wines To Taste

wine regions of austria

1. Fruity and aromatic Zweigelt goes well with grilled meat because of its peppery nuances
2. Not-so overpowering Blaufrankisch is the best Austrian wine
3. St. Laurent- a medium, floral, and cherry aromatic wine that taste best with ducks, mushrooms, and truffles

These are the three best wines of Austria produced only in Burgenland. While enjoying these flavors and walking around the rolling hills of Burgenland, you can also discover natural gems.

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Charming Places Of Burgenland

• Halbturn- The home to breathtaking castles of Austria
• Pamhagen- A Paradise for Foodies
• Seewinkel National Park- Perfect for bird watching experience
• Lake Neusiedl- For a boat riding adventure

The right time to visit– September to October


wine tourism

Smallest but one of the most beautiful wine regions of Austria, Styria lures both winemakers and tourists. They find unlimited opportunities here because of its Mediterranean climate. This is why Styrian wines are the best wines of Austria in terms of sharp taste, refreshing aroma, and wine style.

White wine is, however, the more dominant type of produce in Styria that is prepared with more than 5 different types of grape varieties. Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, and Welschriesling are commonly found in the region.

Open Wineries In Styria
wine regions of austria

1. Weingut Johannes Jobstl
2. Weingut Muster Gamlitz
3. Herrenhof Lamprecht
4. Weingut Trapl
5. Weingut Hannes Sabathi

Most of these wine regions of Austria have restaurants as well where you can experience all the local flavors with great food. Moreover, few offer accommodation facilities too.

When To Come– March-May is an ideal time to satisfy your wine hunger as the weather is cool and the surroundings are colorful during this time

Vienna, Styria, and Burgenland; no matter which of these Austrian wine regions you pick, the experience would be great. But one must know few things if this is the first time on a wine tour.

Tips To Know Before Visiting Austrian Wine Regions
best austrian wine

1. Never go empty stomach or else you will end up getting drunk
2. Do not eat chewing gum as it will spoil your taste
3. Avoid using perfumes or anything that hinder your ability to smell
4. Learn some tasting techniques that will amplify your wine experience and let you taste as much as new and old wines
5. Don’t take the weather lightly as Austria is too hot in summer and extremely cold in winter, so decked up in layers
6. Limit your wine tasting session so that you can get most of the tour and engage in a healthy learning session
7. Do not brush off your teeth right as it will strip off the protective enamel from your teeth

A wine tour is more than just sipping these flavorful drinks, you get a chance to visit learn about the country’s economic culture, savor countryside cuisine on hilltop views, and beautiful hikes between the wood. It’s once in a lifetime experience that tourists should not miss on their Austrian itinerary.

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