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Ever Tried Red Wine For Skin? Here’s Why You Should

What if we tell you that red wine can treat your acne? Shocked! That’s true, red wine is actually good for your skin and not only has the power to treat acnes but also improves skin complexion. There are more such beauty benefits of wine that we bet you didn’t know before.

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Glamp Up With Red Wine

red wine facial
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Slow Down The Acne

Acnes are the toughest skin issue to deal with. Drinking red wine can help you fight against acne breakouts as it contain an important antioxidant resveratrol.

This slows down the acne-causing bacteria in the skin thus your skin gradually becomes acne-free. Beside, this it also restricts the proliferation of keratinocyte which is the major cause of acne lesions.

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Gives You The Desire Glow

Your skin suffers a lot and undergoes oxidative damage which is the result of free radicals. As a result, your skin start losing the natural glow gradually. Restore the glow with a glass of red wine as it contains polyphenols, an antioxidant that prevent oxidation.

Even Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone can make you feel less beautiful, isn’t it? Sun damage and tanning might be the cause behind this unevenness, try using red wine as it works as a natural protective shield for your skin against UV rays.

Thanks to the amino acids, and antioxidants in red wine. Beside it, you can treat the burning sensation caused by sunburns with red wine.

Repair Your Hair With Wine

Not just skin, red wine is equally beneficial for the hair strands and can reverse the hair damage. Rinsing your hair with wine can also reduce inflammation, promote hair growth, blood circulation, and shed off the dead cells.

So, go get gorgeous and beautiful with red wine facial. Although it’s expensive, it’s effective too and we bet you won’t regret doing it. But you can also buy a wine facial kit in case price is a concern or include red wine in your regular skincare routine.

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Wine Facial At Home

red wine facial
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  • Wash your face thoroughly with water and pat dry with a microfiber cloth or towel. Take a cotton ball and dip in lemon and wine mix(1 tbsp. + 3-4 tbsp. of wine). Massage gently with light hands and wash off.
  • Make a red wine scrub at home by mixing the coffee and red wine. Apply this exfoliating paste on face and rub in circular motions. Wash off.
  • Few tbsp of red wine, rose water, and essential oil, mix them all and massage gently focusing more on chin and forehead. Wipe off the paste after few minutes.
  • Honey and yogurt are great ingredients for face pack, mix them with few drops of red wine. Apply as usual and wash after 15 minutes.

Either go for all steps at once or simple try any one the result will be awesome.

[Note: Always consult a dermatologist before applying red wine directly on your face. Stop using in case you feel burning sensation, itching or any other skin issues or allergies.]







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