Apple Warns Users About Pegasus-Like Spyware, Asks To Update Their Devices

Are you an Apple user? Then quickly update your device as all the devices are vulnerable to the recently founded spyware program. A Toronto-based watchdog group, Citizen Lab, in its reports identified zero-click software that can severely exploit the device.

It is more worrisome because the spyware is created by Israel’s NSO group which was in the news for its Pegasus software. The malicious software is an independent program that needs no user’s action. In other words, it gets downloaded even without users clicking any suspicious link.

Apple Launches A Quick Fix To Defend Users

apple security update

Citizen Lab discovered the spyware on the Apple device of a Saudi Arabian activist. The research started early in March this year. The tech research firm discovered around 27 files with random names and .gif extensions.

The file format was similar to those identified in devices hacked with Pegasus, say reports. Suspecting it may contain Forcedentry exploit chain, they quickly forwarded their findings to Apple.

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In a quick response to the discovery, the company released an emergency update in iOS 14.8. The Security head Ivan Krstic appreciated Citizen Lab for the research and said that such attacks cost millions to the company.

Such spyware is meant for targeted users and can cost millions of money but it is a matter of safety for all users. Therefore, the security team of Apple is working to fix any loopholes in the existing devices adding an extra layer of protection.

This is crucial from the point of view as Apple unboxed its new iPhone 13 models and other devices on 14th Septmeber.

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