Priyanka Chopra’s “No-Diet” Diet Plan And Fitness Routine

When it comes to picking the right meal, experts say one should always listen to their body. But Priyanka Chopra’s diet plan is not carved even an inch around her body’s preferences. She does not even listen to her body and eats whatever and whenever she likes.

She is the biggest foodie and even wakes up just for food. So, she must be sweating hard in the gym then? Not at all! Our desi girl is not even a fitness junkie. Curious to know what Priyanka Chopra eats in a day and how she keeps herself fit and fine? Read till the end.

Diet Plan Of Priyanka Chopra

priyanka chopra diet

The White Tiger Actress has a really good metabolism that means she does not gain much weight even after eating a lot. Not everyone is lucky enough! But this does not mean Priyanka eats junk all day, that’s reserved only for weekends.

Here’s how her daily meals break down in breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Breakfast – Usually she eats avocado toast with egg omelets or some days even Indian breakfast meals like idli, dosa, or poha. Her favorite food for breakfast is, however, stuffed Parathas. She loves Parathas.

Lunch- Nothing can beat Ghar Ka Khana, and Priyanka Chopra’s diet never misses authentic Indian food if she is in India. Usually, her lunch includes Nachani Roti ( Ragi Roti) which is super healthy, good for the heart, and is a high-protein food.

Priyank Chopra’s daily diet meal also includes daal, raita, achar, and salads (very important says Piggy Chops). She also prefers roasted fish with veggies and salads for lunch.

Dinner- Baywatch star is never excited about Dinner as it’s the same as Lunch except that soup also gets a place on her plate. She also loves eating meals during bedtime.

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priyanka chopra diet

Cheat Meals (if any)- Priyanka Chopra’s diet is incomplete without some chocolate cakes, burgers, and pizzas. She is a big chaat hog and can eat it anytime a day.

Favorite Munchies- Makhana

Priyanka Chopra’s Fitness Routinepriyanka chopra diet and fitness routine

As she said, ” I am not a gym junkie” so what exactly she does to maintain her gorgeous body. Priyanka Chopra works out regularly straight for one hour but it does not include any hardcore exercises. She simply does cardio, yoga, and skipping to stay fit and healthy.

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And surprisingly she doesn’t have any fixed time for workouts like other celebs. Priyanka believes if you are not feeling like doing it, there’s no point in doing it.

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