Advantages Of being an Early Riser

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man wise”. These lines of Benjamin Franklin we often hear from childhood but how many of us are able to implement them in our lives? Waking up early actually impacts us in a positive way, it even reduces the risk of cancer and saves us from many diseases. Hence there are many Benefits of Being an Early Riser.

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Our energy level remains consistently high and we feel uplifted. Rising up early makes us more satisfied and fulfilled in life. Just think of that early in the morning scene, that alluring chirping of birds, pleasant sounds of the bell from temples, and the beautiful fragrance. There are many other benefits which we get by being an early riser:

Benefits of Being an Early Riser

1)  Better Productivity

Benefits of Being an Early Riser
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People who go early to bed and wake up early tend to be more proficient in their work, their productivity is naturally enhanced. They perform persistently and their interest in the work remains intact.

2)  Improved sleep quality

Improved sleep quality
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Rising up early regulates our body clock in a better way and we tend to get a better sleep quality which boosts our immune system too.

3) Releases Happy Endorphins

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Being an early riser releases Happy Hormones which reduce our stress and makes us blithe and effervescent. It reduces our stress and we even tend to become emotionally strong. Endorphins don’t just make us happier but healthier, smarter, and reduces our body weight too.

4) Makes the skin Salubrious

Skin healthy
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Our skin gets natural tonic with the fresh air of the morning and hence it looks more blooming and healthy. Waking up early gets a regular morning routine and hence our skin naturally gets rekindled. Thus there are many Benefits of Being an Early Riser.

5) Sun exposure for Vitamin D

vitamin D
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Waking up early in the morning and having the sunbath helps you to get a natural source of Vitamin D. It is even a natural source of calcium and hence our joints and bones become stronger. Many diseases can be cured by just sitting in the Morning Sunlight.

6) Become Better Organized

better organized
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By getting up early we will easily accomplish whatever we have planned the previous day, we don’t have to rush and get confused, we naturally become organized and things go smoothly and systematically. Our worries and anxieties get mitigated.

7) Improved and healthy eating habits

Healthy eating habits
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When we start our day early we will get time to have healthy breakfast and lesser digestion problems. And research has found people sleeping late at night and getting up late consume more calories than people who wake up early and also late sleepers are more inclined to fat and junk foods.

8) More time devoted to Yoga, Exercises and Spirituality

Benefits of Being an Early Riser
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Because of our busy schedule, we are not able to devote much time to Yoga or meditation, It is usually said to start your day with God, express gratitude towards that almighty. And then our whole day will be bliss for us. By practicing spirituality and doing exercises early in the morning we become stronger and have more clarity towards life, we even spend more time with nature and be more calm and peaceful.

9) Optimistic view towards life

Benefits of Being an Early Riser

Starting the day early gives us a sense of confidence that all our work and responsibilities will be carried out easily without fidgeting and being impatient, we get more time to spend with our loved ones and give time to our hobbies too. These all factors fill us with positivity and we feel contented while doing our work.

10) Enhancement of Personality

Personality development
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Rising up early in the morning improves our overall personality, we become better problem solvers and decision-makers, there is a transformation of our whole personality and we become proactive.

Thus starting our day early gives you tremendous benefits, it makes us cheerful and joyful. In fact, as many of us are aware many successful people are early risers like Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Akshay Kumar, etc. It is good for both our physical as well as mental fitness. We tend to become more peaceful and adopt a superior lifestyle.




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