Incredible Power Of Spirituality and Prayers

.We always come across such things as spirituality, prayers, supreme power of Gods. But are we really aware how all this works or do we evolve the firm faith. During such pandemic times we should not only take care of ourselves physically but also look into our spiritual well being.

We all have a tendency to connect the spirituality to some religious aspect, and follow it blindly but actual spirituality doesn’t demand us to do all such things nor prayer and spirituality only means to chant something which we are taught since childhood. So lets see Power Of spirituality

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Actual meaning of Spirituality, Prayers and its Powers

Spirituality is the broader aspect in which there should be an awareness of the purity of the soul or our as against such material or physical connections. We have to be constantly of our deep thoughts and check whether it is alignment with our spiritual health. It is going beyond the limits of our mind and our narrow sense of self to supreme power of life and Universe.

After understanding its meaning we can realize its powers but before power of spirituality inculcates in us we need to know one more thing, to become spiritually strong we need to take the food to enhance our spiritual powers and this food is given to us through Meditation and Yoga. We need to imbibe this practice in order to grow and develop our spiritual personality.

Power Of Spirituality

Prayer is a part of this broader term of our Spiritual Being, its one of the aesthetic gifts given to us which has the greatest power. Yes it involves chanting of some mantras but such mantras should not be learnt by heart, it should come from within, we should involve our whole heart into it and breathe every word. We should actually have full faith in that almighty that our prayers are being answered. We must capitulate our soul fully and connect with the fortitude of God.

Power Of Spiritual Well Being During Such Pandemic Times


This time has become very crucial for all of us now and it is our natural tendency that we are getting occupied with such thoughts of fears, insecurities and making our soul sick, instead just improve the state of your soul by talking to yourself in a nice way, heal yourself spiritually then automatically you start feeling healthy again, increase your inner peace and joy, give time to Yoga and Meditation, during such times singing some spiritual hymns will also soothe your body and mind. Prayers are very useful to heal such illness

Prayers Streamlines the faith and save from all dangers


Once you adopt the path of spirituality you automatically get aligned to the path of enlightenment.No negative energy has the capacity to destroy you. Every problem seems to carry a little worth in front of you . There is a sort of key to get rid of all intricacies in life. A sense of protection moves around you which reaffirms your faith and positiveness.

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Self Fulfilment and Control


When we start becoming devotional in life we automatically feel complete within us and start feeling fulfilled. Now a days many people feel lonely from inside and for its avoidance they start finding friends in a virtual world, through social media platforms. It is not wrong but all these things make a person restless and they tend to feel more lonely.

So, the best solution is make God your best friend, start believing in it, feel that he is listening to you, in this way you will feel more connected with yourself also and feel more satisfied and happy. And also you learn to control your mind rather being controlled by the useless thoughts of mind.

Increased Concentration and Clarity of Mind

Spirituality make us filled with divinity which helps to clarify our mind and thoughts, it makes the mind calm and peaceful and this serene mind is necessary to improve our concentration and find the answers to our decision. Peaceful mind only can give better results. If we want to make some greater plans in our life prayers and spiritual path can be the requisite for that.

Power of Gratitude


Lastly Gratitude is necessary to complete our process of spirituality and get our prayers answered. Expressing thankfulness means that you are joyful. And that whatever thing you are seeking you are getting full help from the universe in getting it. It automatically makes you happier, contented and more successful.






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