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These 7 Benefits Of Whiskey Are The Reason Why It Is Known As ” Water Of Life”

Today is the day to raise a toast to your favorite drink because it’s World Whisky Day 2021. However, this is not just a reason to enjoy this dark grain alcohol. Whiskey might seem unhealthy to many but in reality, this has an abundance of health benefits to offer. Shocked! These benefits of whiskey and facts around the world will leave you more surprised.

Get ready to raise a dram!

World Whiskey Day 2021

benefits of whiskey

If you haven’t heard of this day, it’s obvious to wonder who in the world started celebrating this event. Credit goes to Blair Bowman; a whisky consultant who brought this classy beverage to the global level with his efforts.

During his college days, he first got a chance to taste whiskey, and his curiosity to know more about it led to the foundation of this day. In 2012, he founded “World Whiskey Day” and the Scottish Government gave it international recognition.

However, the aim is not to explore the world of whiskey but to organize a charitable event for the public. Participants across the world are invited to taste their favorite brand and share their experience on the official website set up Blair.

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7 Health Benefits of Whiskey

benefits of whiskey

The National drink of Scotland is widely loved and enjoyed on almost every occasion but with caution. It is also called as water of life due to these amazing benefits:

1. Whiskey contains polyphenols in abundance that make it good for the heart. It lowers the bad cholesterol and improves HDL i.e. good cholesterol.

2. One drink( 30ml) can help you manage weight as it contains 123 calories, zero fiber, sugar, and carbs

3. Some even say it can boost the immune system due to ellagic acid that reduces inflammation

4. Ellagic acid is also effective in killing cancerous cells thus reduce the risk of cancer

5. Besides health, the benefits of whiskey stretches to skin and hair due to its antiseptic properties. It fights acne and clears your skin by removing all the dirt and grime

6. Egg and whiskey together can be a great home-made conditioner to prevent hair loss

7. You can also use it for making a pore-tightening face mask with some milk and egg white

These benefits of whiskey sound so appealing but before applying alcohol to the skin consult a dermatologist.

[Important Note: Never drink during pregnancy and always drink within the safe limit i.e. 25 ml. Furthermore, avoid regular consumption as overdose can lead to damage to the liver, heart, and ruin mental health. ]

5 Amazing Facts About Whiskey 

Most Expensive Ever

isabella isly

This classy beverage is expensive too and the most expensive whiskey in the world is Isabella’s Islay. One bottle of Isabella costs $6.2 million. Why? Well, its origin is said to be the reason but the diamond on the bottle’s body is the real reason behind its cost.

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Whiskey In Space

ardbeg space whiskey

The unmatured malt whisky was sent to space in 2011 to test the changes of zero gravity on its taste and aroma. Ardbeg Space whiskey sample gave unexpected results. It had smoky fish, sharp perfume, and meat like aroma with the taste of smoked fruits.

Whiskey As Fuel

fuel whiskey

Yes, it was used as fuel during the Second World War, and do you know which type of whiskey was used. Its bourbon! Even scientists of Scotland used it as biofuel to power the cars.

No Cheese, Only Whiskey

facts about whiskey

People of Latin America, do not say cheese while posing for a photo, whiskey is their favorite word.

Most Expensive Cocktail

most expensive cocktail

Would you spend hundreds of dollars just for one cocktail? Dubai’s Skyview bar serves the most expensive cocktail at £4, 632(approx Rs 48,000).

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