Order If You Can ! Price Of Toro McCoy’s Burger Will Make You Go Nuts

Do you love burger? Of course, everyone likes it whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian. But if you hate it then we have a new addition of hamburger that you cannot resist to try. Toro McCoy has added a gold plated burger in their menu and foodies are going crazy over it.

Check out below!

Toro McCoy’s Gold Plated Burger 

Toro McCoy is a restaurant in Colombia’s Bucaramanga. A month ago, the restaurant launched a new double meat, double cheese, brioche burger with caramelized bacon and crispy cabol.

Soon it’s launch, the burger garnered attention as the burger bathed in 24 karat gold flakes. It was introduced on Instagram profile of the restaurant. Here’s the post:


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You must be wondering how much you have to pay for this gold burger. Well, it cost almost 57 dollars to the restaurant to prepare it. So it won’t be as cheap as the regular burger.

And if you have enough money to give this 24 karat gold burger a try, then wait for half an hour for your order.

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What About The Taste?

Since it’s first time we have seen a burger bathed in gold, it’s obvious to wonder about the taste.

Well, it doesn’t taste like gold. The decoration is just for a luxury experience for the wealthy foodies who can afford it. However, it’s messy as the gold thin layer sticks to the lip and finger.

So, if you are ready for a messier lunch then try this gold burger.

Cost Will Make You Go Nuts

world's expensive burger
via: dailynews

As we told above it costs 57 dollars to the Toro McCoy, it would be more expensive for the foodies. This luxurious burger will be available at the cost of $59.

On the other hand, a regular burger costs you only $11. The price has to be high as the process of preparing gold burger is very delicate because the gold foil gets damaged easily.

So, the price is worth paying. In rupees, one 24-karat gold burger will cost you ₹ 4330. That’s too much!!!!

Still if this new burger edition has excited you and you want to taste it then come to Columbia.

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However, this is not the most expensive burger of the world. New York’s restaurant has the record of making world’s expensive burger that costs $295.

Not Just Burger, These Food Items Have Gold Too

Ice Cream

gold plated ice cream
via: dfordelhi

If you think this is the first time any chef has experiment with gold and food, then check out this new ice cream flavor. And you don’t have to go overseas to taste it, it’s in India.

Huber and Holly serves 24k edible gold plated ice cream in three different locations. Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Mumbai are those places where Huber and Holly has outlets.

Here’s a glimpse to gold plated ice cream


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Wondering what’s more special in this new flavor. It contains 17 different ingredients- hazlenut chocolate, brownie bits, nutty praline, hot fudge, caramel chocolate bar, and more.

At the end, gold foil is put over the ice-cream cone and the luxurious summer delight is ready. Wanna know the price? It’s ₹1000 for one ice-cream cone. At least, it costs you less than gold-plated burger.

So, if you are anywhere in these three locations of India then must try this special ice-cream.

Dubai’s Karak Chai

dubai gold karak tea
via: matadornetwork

A fusion restaurant, Food Ka Mood in Dubai is popular not only for it’s scrumptious food and world-class services. It’s famous for the 24 karat gold chai that is recently launched by the star chef Zankar Uchat.

It is a saffron karak tea with gold plating at the top and was launched on the eve of Dhanteras on 13 Novemeber 2020. Now it’s the permanent speciality in the restaurant’s menu.

Talking about it’s price, gold karak would cost you Dh51 i.e. approx ₹299 for one cup.

This is not the end. Gold has literally moved to the food industry other than being a commodity. Several food items such as chocolate, dumplings, sushi, cake, chicken wings, and even liquor have got the touch of gold.

Is It Safe To Eat Gold?

YES, edible gold is available for consumption and it does not affect your digestive system at all. Unlike other food ingredients, edible gold has no benefits and side effects.

So, don’t worry if you eat gold-plated burger, ice cream, or sushi. Though it won’t taste like anything, it’s tasteless but you can make the occasion more luxurious.



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