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Tedhi Hai Par Meri Hai

Do you relate to the title? Have you ever felt the same for your family? Do you want to know the reason behind it? If yes, read this out!

Every family has one or in many cases some real odd sheep in the family tree. This individual keeps the family engaged one or the other way. Check out from the list below if you are that odd sheep or not:-

The Boss

Every family has a head who is the third umpire for every decision. The official rule maker of the house. Without him/her, a family especially an Indian family can never really be a family. After all, how will a bunk for a party and a hideous sleepover with friends have same vibes, if there are no rules to break.

The Always-in-Trouble sibling

Most of the families have a simple innocent Sonu, Monu, John or Simon, who is always the trouble maker even if he is not involved. Every time the ketchup bottle breaks or the milk spills or a short-circuit happens, it’s always Sonu’s mistake. It is sometimes hilarious but most times damn dangerous to be Sonu.

The Crack- Heads

The crack- heads

Families are like fudge; mostly sweet with a few nuts. These nuts are the always fighting siblings. The real crack- heads of the family. Most of the day’s time of a family is consumed by these two not so human beings. From keeping the TV remote to sleeping in mom’s lap; they never leave a chance to prove who the true hero is. Well, it is necessary. After all, who would have liked Sholay without Gabbar and Thakur.

The Silent Reader

There is always a sibling in the family who knows everything but says nothing. The silent reader of the family whatsapp group. From remembering Sarla aunty’s cousin’s daughter name to knowing what is brewing in the corner house, he /she is the real Sherlock Holmes.

The Captain Cool

In simpler words, he/she is the saint in the family. He/she stays away from all the family drama. The perfect chilled out buddy. No drama, no wars; always at peace. Also, mom’s most favourite one in the whole herd. He/ She is the true inspiration for all the siblings.

The ‘Chilled’ Grandparents

Believe it or not, every time you sit with your grandparents, they have something to offer. Be it a delicacy or be it a cool fight over game; everything insane is sane with them. They are always ready to support and match your footsteps on the front. But! It is not always possible in India. Stop your imagination right away.

These are some special beings without which a family can never be a family. Send it out to your siblings you thought of while reading the article. After all, they need to know they are special.

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