International Family Day 2021: 7 Tips To Improve Quality Time With Family

International Family Day 2021: 7 Tips To Improve Quality Time With Family
International Family Day 2021: 7 Tips To Improve Quality Time With Family

“Family Is Life, Family Is Everything” But do you really spend quality time with loved ones? Lockdown, work pressure, busy schedules, and pending future plans are keeping us busy even at home. This is further widening the gap between us and other family members. On this International Family Day 2021, let’s bridge this gap in a whole new way.

Follow these 7 tips to strengthen your fading bonds with family.

Reinvest In Family On International Family Day 2021 

  1. Workout Together

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Gyms are closed but you should not keep health on hold. This time do it with your mom, dad, siblings, and kids. Make a simple workout plan that suits members of all ages of your family. It can include a brisk walk for 20 minutes, or light stretching exercises, online Zumba classes, or yoga for all.

2. Cook Meals Together

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You might not have much time to prepare breakfast for everyone or cook favorite meals due to work from home. Single parents or those living with elderly parents might be struggling with both. Unexpected meeting timings or deadlines can make this even more difficult.

Make cooking a fun part, involve everyone, and cut your cooking time whilst improving the bond with family.

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3. Play Fun Games

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Lockdown has introduced games even to adults, however, only a few adults can take out time for such fun activities. And the continuous use of screens can make you stay away from online games for the family. Go back to old times when we used to play carom or ludo for hours.

Create a team with your family, invest in such family games, and who knows you turn out an unbeatable winner. Apart from these traditional games, you can try fun and educational games to make the session worthy for kids.

4. Laugh With Family

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Whether you laugh alone, with friends, or with family, the benefits of laughing get simply double. It releases stress, fills you with good memories, lowers blood pressure, makes you heart-healthy, and improves memory. So, watch these 5 best comedy family movies from Bollywood and Hollywood to laugh your heart out with kids.

1. Golmaal
2. Dhamal
3. Phir Hera Pheri
4. Chupke Chupke
5. Hungama
6. Minions
7. The Boss Baby
8. Freaky Friday
9. The Incredibles
10. Coco

5. Plan A Backyard Camping

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If you have a big backyard, bring it to use. Plan for a weekend camping in the backyard and enjoy the barbecue, pillow fights, and sleeping under the sky listening to stories.

6. Use Technology For Improving Your Relationship

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This year’s International Family Day 2021 Theme reflects the positive impact of technology on families. But it depends on how one uses it, spending time on social media or watching Netflix alone won’t ensure the well-being of each member.

Try these best apps for families that ensure you are not virtually connected but well-organized too.

1. Cozi for all your to-do lists
2. OurHome for meeting deadlines without compromising with fun
3. Chore Monster to teach the importance of household chores

7. Learn To Be Kind

Make kindness a practice because everyone needs compliments and appreciation and when it comes from loved ones, confidence is improved. So, appreciate small gestures by your parents/kids/partner and teach the same to kids.

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These 7 simple tips won’t seem effective now but with time they will make your bond stronger and deeper.